Wonderful Tips To Knock Out Time Demons!

Knock Out Time DemonsIf you actually want to look at how and for what you use your time, you will observe that there are many activities you engage yourself.

That may be considered as time demons. These so-called time demons are time wasters that are harmful for your efficiency and productivity.

Any time do you experience the problems like: having troubles in allocating time for the tasks that you need to complete, time is never sufficient to complete the task, or problems in completing the tasks within the specified deadline.

You need to assess the things that you do during the day and then find out the time demons that are consuming your time. In order to eliminate these demons you should find ways or minimize them.

If you are aware of these time demons, it will greatly help you to find the ways on how to deal with each demon, so that you will be free from the darkness these bring.

Don’t delay your task due to these demons. You should have greater desire to achieve these tasks than those time demons.

Time demons – Time wasters that are of no use

Throughout the day there are many things that you do without proper planning or thinking. You do some things habitually and some others by your nature. You will do some things as they come along and for some things you need a careful plan to achieve the desired goal.

You should carefully look at the things which have not proper plan, except those that are carefully planned. Evaluate whether they are required to reach your goal or not.

Sometimes you do many things that are not connected with your goal to be achieved. Remove these things from the list so that you can dedicate all your time purely to the completion of task.

It may be either personal or related to business. You should give highest priority as long as they are essential for your growth.

You world doesn’t have place for time demons. Don’t allow these time wasters which obstruct your goals. If you want to accomplish your goal then these demons should be knocked out.

Here are some wonderful tips that will help you in knocking out your time demons:

Avoid long talks over the phone:

Talking with a friend or some other over the phone may be very addictive. It will be a waste of time to keep on going and talking over the phone for long time.

Every instant when you use the phone, be conscious of the time that you spend. Minimize the amount of time you spent for each call, particularly at your work.

During work hours your colleagues will want to insert a discussion which is not related to your work and you will most eagerly participate in that. This will greatly affect your finishing time for your tasks if you keep on doing so.

Try to use your phone in matter that won’t disturb your work. Utilize your phone efficiently to make things suitable for you.

In doing so, you can finish your work as soon as possible. Just by using technology and these types of tools you will be efficient in your activities that you need to complete.

Immediately solve the matter of postponement:

Don’t postpone the things to a later time that need to do now. In most of the cases you will postpone it again and end up missing the deadline. If you do meet the deadline, you will hit it by a hairline. Postponement is a way which causes stress in your life.

Postponement is a time demon that is very hard to knock out. It requires good amount of will and determination to fight. The most important thing in dealing with postponement is to deal it immediately.

It is a natural habit for every human being to pass up on work if possible. So, you wait for that time when you feel like doing the job and you will work only when such time comes.

If you continue in this way, you won’t have lots of achievements to be proud of. At the end you will have many of the missed deadlines that need to be finished.

Diminish extra-curricular activities:

Most of you have the habit of participating in clubs and organizations. If you are a member of such organizations it will take much time particularly when regular meetings are organized.

You are going to lose most of your time by participating in these. You are required to participate in many social meetings and gatherings that will take you out from the limited time in which you have most important things that still you are required to do.

So, you need to carefully choose your organizations. Only choose the ones which you think as most important and those that are considered as worthy. Participate as a member only in those that you know you can be active in.

Avoid spending much time in emails:

Don’t spend much time on reading and replying for emails. It is better to sort out the messages, so that you can spend your time in reading those that are important. Only reply to those that you consider as important. Go through the other emails when you have free time.

Don’t give your email address to just anybody. This will reduce the chances of emails reaching your mail box that are of no use. Particularly, don’t use your office email address to communicate with friends or some others.

By doing so, there is no need to sort your email messages at work. This allows you to spend good amount of time for those emails at work which really needs your attention.

If you get the messages from your friends, you will have to do additional activities. You need to do more sorting with the excitement of reading your friends’ emails. This results in slowing down your completion of task at work.

Knock Out Time DemonsAlso, you will get lot of spam emails.

Though there are spam filters, some will enter into your mailbox.

Don’t try to open these and delete all such emails.

Trying to open such emails is a waste of time and it cause virus to enter into your computer. Once your computer got virus, it needs significant amount of time deal. It is better to show your system to experts.

Reply to emails in short and brief sentences. Emails are just informal ways to communicate with others, so don’t spend much time in giving replies.

If you are required to give the reply in more sentences, it is better to meet the individual in person. If you need to give reply for a group of people, just conduct a meeting and discuss what you want to talk about.

Don’t leave any place for worries:

Don’t stay on something objectionable that has not happened yet. If you are a negative thinker, it will deviate your concentration away from the work and finally you lose your focus.

Due to this, you will take too much time to complete each task. You will see a change in yourself in carrying out your tasks. But to some extent worrying is good. It keeps you on your way and makes you to do your job as better as much.

It helps to keep your personal standards positive so that you can achieve the expectations of the people you look up to. Constantly you will check your time and you will know whether you are within schedule or not.

Too much varying is also harmful for you. You will be inspired by it and you won’t have enough resources in your mind and body for some other things.

You will be exhausted when you complete your task in a right way. Finally you will be emotionally, mentally and physically tired in carrying out these tasks successfully and proficiently.

The end result is uncompleted work, low quality of job done, missed deadlines and low spirits. So, don’t allow worry to spoil all your day. Do what the best you can do to accomplish your task. At the end you will equally satisfied by your efforts and right attitude.

Tackle your laziness:

Most of you heard a line – “Do your best and god will do the rest”. You will be inspired by this in doing a good work no matter where you are.

You know that laziness has no space in success stories. If you won’t set goals and work your way towards it, you will amount to nothing. If you don’t have the excitement to reach your goals, you are bound for nothing.

So, it is desirable to re-evaluate your current standing and really know what you want in life.

Setting a goal motivates you in erasing laziness in your vocabulary. Thus you will find yourself easier to work hard and you can complete the task that will take you nearer to your ultimate goal.

Minimize chitchatting with others:

The lesser you talk the greater you are on path to prevent stress from mounting up. This will keep your mind off work for sometime. In the long run, too much chitchat won’t be advantageous for you.

Remember that you are in your workplace and you will be paid for producing good work. You don’t have any rights to waste company time to chitchat with your friends about non-work related matters.

It will be both beneficial for you and your company, if you do your work without any chitchat.

Not engage yourself in chitchats, so that you will find more time to do what you are paid to do. Only engage yourself in value adding activities and hence you will be able to work a lot with the time you have.

Reduce watching television:

You will get fun by watching television. Most of you have the habit of doing work by watching television. But, with such scenario you won’t complete your work.

You will spend the whole day in a comfortable couch and watch television until he has got enough. But, you may not do that much work with such scenario. I think not that much. Am I right?

You will know current events and latest news by watching television. Among which some of them are informative and some are educational.

It is good to watch movies and entertainment television shows from time-to-time, but not to a greater extent. You should set limits on your television viewing so that you will be able to make productive use of your time.

Saying “No!” To peer pressure:

Most of the times, your friends will want your times for themselves. They want to spend your time with them and have fun with them. Every time they want your company and your friendship. Nothing is wrong is here, don’t think too much about it.

Always peer pressure needs to be managed to come out of your original plans. It all begins when you were a kid, in school – and even in the workplace. It is good if your peers were not time wasters and used time responsibility. Then you would not be in unnecessary bind.

It is very helpful in eliminating time wasters if you are learning to say “No!” to peer pressure. An absolute “No!” is a good way to knock out this time demon.

Dealing with time demons effectively:

You will observe lot of time wasters in the daily activities that you do. You will only able to knock out these time demons when you identify them and find a solution to deal with them.

Everywhere you may find these time demons. If you are untrained with regards to time management, you may fall victim to these.

Controlling these time demons you will be able to save a good amount of time that can be very helpful in finishing these tasks. By eliminating them you can concentrate on your work and focus on doing things that are critical for the accomplishment of your goals.



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