Useful Tips and Tricks to be Punctual at Work

Punctuality is a virtue that every child should be taught right from pre-school days. Till retirement, we need to follow a certain time schedule at work place for good reasons. If you are expected to be on duty within 9 o’clock, then you should be complying with this rule as your availability will show your dedication and respect towards your office and career.

If you come to office periodically late, it shows you are either taking the office requirements casually or you are not competent enough to lead a disciplined schedule. If this is a persisting habit, there are chances that your boss might no longer keep you in the good page and hand over termination letter from the job. Therefore, a little planning and active lifestyle can make you prompt and punctual at work, let us see how –

tips and tricks to be punctual at work

Be Aware of the Schedule

Before leaving your office the previous day, plan out the next day’s schedule and if needed keep it noted in your phone memo so that the “to do” list is never missed out and in the alert zone of your brain. Arrange the tasks according to the clock just like the school routine did for you. This would help you not to rush for things and not miss out important ones.

Avoid Late Night Parties During Weekdays

If you go to bed late, obviously you would be late to wake up the next day. Prefer planning parties on the weekend, let the week day schedule remain formal and disciplined. Boozing should also be avoided altogether if you have office the next day.

Lunch Planning

Many people get back home for lunch breaks; if you do so then plan your lunch the previous night so that time is not wasted to decide and then prepare lunch the next day. If you have the facility to carry lunch at office, take this advantage as avoiding travelling during lunch break will prevent you from being late for work post lunch break.

Keep Essentials Ready

Your clothes (ironed), accessories like shoes, socks, belt, wallet, briefcase / bag, car keys, water and other essentials that can be kept aside the night before should be done in time. Searching for these before leaving for office leads to mess. Even if possible keep your towels, shaving kit and shower necessities in place.

Set an Alarm

This is essential even if you are confident to get up at time. Often the weather, your lethargy and love for slumber can take over your disciplinary virtues. An alarm should be set keeping enough time in hand and make sure the alarm tone is loud enough to be heard. Do not keep the snooze mode on as that will make you go back to sleep all over again.

Minimize Last Minute Activities

Women are especially burdened with too many household activities even if she is working and needs to attend office after getting children to school. In such cases, make sure all the activities that can be done the previous night should be completed like. Keeping the clothes and shoes ready, arranging your bag and files, washing and drying the clothes and keeping the breakfast essentials ready are the few tasks that can be done previous night itself.

Apart from the points mentioned above, here are some more things to remember that can help you prevent being late for office are – keeping your vehicle with enough fuel stored, take help from husband or in laws for kids and systematically dividing work, take the shortest route to your office instead of depending on long and tiring ones, try to leave home early, and set your clock 5 minutes fast.


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