Time Managing Personalities

Time ManagementThe marketplace is spilling over with topics on time management and few include personality types, which amazes me, since our personalities play an immense role in time management.

For instance, we have disabilities, spontaneous, and so-called normal individuals, so how can one article tell us how to manage our time?

None of us has all the answers, but some of us can guide you on a path to time management if the right words fall into place.

In addition, if we have an idea of what kind of person we are, then we are well on our way to finding the solution for managing time.

Time is complicated, because the bible shows us that one day to God is a thousand years. Moreover, man has his own ideas of time.

So as a result, when time is used, we must ask ourselves, “Is it used wisely.” We can start by exploring our personality to find out which plan works better for us in managing time.

Types of Personalities

From beginning of time we all were created with our own personality type, and some of us went off track with the misguidance of researchers, experts, et cetera.

The basic rules were laid out however, when experts, philosophers, and researchers set out to establish what types of persons make up the world.

Spontaneous Personality Type

Taking for example the spontaneous personality type, we can see it differs from the neatly type.

The spontaneous types often are unorganized, and fail to plan. Spontaneous individuals have an advantage since the focus on one day at a time vs. living each day on a schedule.

The disadvantage is that the spontaneous individuals suffer throughout their life, since a time management plan is not in view.

So as to cultivate a neatly individual, you would need to work with the personality type, by allowing them to act as themselves, but manipulating a neatly view in the plan. Spontaneous individuals require the need to be free and loose.

So therefore there desks are most likely going to be free and loose: papers flying all over the place. To put a spontaneous individual in order, is allowing the person to work multi-tasking projects, which often profit these types the best.

Find Out The Best Task For ?

If the person is multi-tasking, he or she is putting time management in focus. Still, the focus is there, but the plans are not in action, so therefore it pays to stay focus of your own individuality to discover what works best for your personality type.

There is no single plan for these types of individuals that work the best. The neatly types have very little problem in time management, yet they have problems in other areas. Some of us may see them as purist, but in fact, the neatly types are compensating.

Regardless each personality type has its own individuality and learning your personality is the open door to a successful time management plan.



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