7 Time Management Tips for a Successful Life

Time management is one of the most important aspects of living a successful life. There are many times when we hear people talking about the shortage of time in their lives and how the lack of time is affecting their lives adversely. The point is that we all of have to ‘make’ the time for all the important things in life and use the time we have very judiciously for that.

After all everyone has equal amount of hours in a day to get whatever it is they want to get done. But how can one make the most of their day and of the time they have to accomplish a goal? How to complete a given task efficiently within a time limit? In short how to manage time most efficiently? Mastering these skills is essential for leading a successful life. Here are a few time management tips for a successful life which will help all universally.

time matagement tips for a successful lifeListing/ to- do List

The tip that makes the top of the list is preparing a list of all the things that you think you need to get done. The items on the list can be short term goals like day to day tasks, or long term goals like career goals etc. The list should be an exhaustive compilation of tasks or goals.


Once you have prepared a list of the operations that will occupy your time, the next tip will be to prioritize the tasks as per the importance. The tasks/ goals/ objectives which are most important must be given highest level of priority. It is important to prioritize so that time allotment can be done accordingly.

  • Another very important aspect of time management is to plan Whenever allocating time for certain task, make sure that you plan right without very little to negligible scope for wastage and efficient completion of the work. Spending appropriate time will benefit the most in the long run. Also make sure not waste too much time on planning and re-planning.
  • Minimizing distractions is also very important for efficient time management in fight to make life success. Distractions make for time distortion and cause unnecessary delay in tasks completion. So the next tip is to eliminate all distractions like time wasted procrastinating or time spent hanging out with friends etc. One way for example is saying no to friends when there is still work to be done.
  • Start as soon as possible, that is, start your day and get on with your list of things to be done right away without wasting any time. This is because starting early will help you finish early and also give scope to accommodate any time losses that may occur in the pathways.
  • Always keep some time extra in case something goes wrong. That’s because not everything will go exactly as you plan.
  • Working continuously on anything will not give you the best result. Keeping time for breaks and rejuvenation is essential to give everything you do, your best shot.


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