Time Management Techniques

The power to managing time is controlling. We have the ability to manage anything that involves our self, when we have control of our lives and self. However, no one has entire control over anything, but we all have certain level of control over most things that involve us.

All things in life affect us in one way or the other, and we need to consider all these factors when we are planning a time management scheme. You might think that time management is a quick process, but when you sit down and start your calculations, you will soon learn that the process takes time to complete.

Team Effort

Team effort is great, but the road can be rockier, if you are in time management alone for yourself. Now you know why man came up with the idea of Stop, Yield and Go lights.

Time management has its own stop, go, and yield signs. You need to calculate and analyze your plan carefully to weed out flaws, evaluating where your time is spent in order to start a time management plan.


Once you start your calculations you will see that time is an equal and subtract strategy. If you went to school wondering why they taught mathematics, you will soon learn why since mathematics is not only consisting of numbers, but it is consisting of calculations that lead to success.

You must first calculate time with family, friends, work, self, and so on, in order to add and subtract time. You must also calculate probable problem areas. For example, it is not possible that your computer is working continuously without any problems.

For this reason, you need to calculate small and large disasters into the time management equations.

Controlling Time Management

This is the starting procedure for controlling time management, but it is nowhere near the full details of completing the procedure. We all have areas that need thorough research to bring us to the point of perfection, for this reason there is no end for time management process.

When we are calculating our time management, we must include details such as, dressing, lounging, relaxing, entertainment, meals, and everything that makes us what we are.

You can cut back time by spending more time in important areas, if you are spending too much time in one area. For example, it is most likely a result of procrastination and lack of preparation, if it takes you 45 minutes in the morning to get motivated.


Now, you will need to think to cut back time. Thinking is the procedure of bringing forth results either positively or negative. Why is it taking 45 minutes to get dressed up daily in the morning? Are you searching through your closet trying to find a suitable dress?

The solution then is that each night to take few minutes to pick your clothing for the next day, so that when you get up in the morning you only need to dress. If you think about it, when women go on stage for a beauty pageant, they are limited in how much time they spend on getting ready for the show.



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