Time Management Strategies

The meaning of strategy is a planning ahead to accomplish a specific goal. Some of us plan a time management scheme for five or ten years, while others plan for one or two years.

In college, we were taught about time management according to sort-term and long-term goals. Lets learn the short-term goals, which are the goals for five years.

Actually, nobody has the authority to plan, since there is no guarantee for tomorrow. But, when we keep this opinion aside, we notice that when we plan, organize and strive to manage the time, we will find that life is easier.

At the same time, we notice that as our plans fell apart at the seams, so today we are going to plan a time management strategy and add a backup plan.

Strategic Planning

We have a plan laid out, and we do not see any future obstacles. We show up at work as usually and follow our prioritization list of tasks, which tells us about which task is to be completed first to reach our goals.

Everything was going on as you planned, suddenly after sometime, the boss runs up and tells everyone go home, there is a horrible storm about the hit. The next day you come to work and find the company in chaos.

Backup Plan

What are you going to do in such circumstances? Do you have any backup plan? After you lay out your plans to time management, your next step is to layout a backup plan that supports your actual strategic planning.

In the present world, most of the companies store important documents on computers. As long as you have the files labeled accordingly this is fine. Some companies, even back up their files to a storage medium like in another computer on site, or on tapes or discs.

The tapes sometimes are stored in an off room on the premises. This is a Bad deal as when that building is hit by a deadly storm, causing chaos, there are fewer chances for the survival of those vital files.

The key then to strategizing to time management is to send those documents to a storage medium off the premises and at least 50 to 100 miles away from the area.

For Smaller Companies

T here are disaster backup plans that can meet your needs , if you have a smaller company, but be alert that some of these disaster backup plans are ‘low end’ plans.

The programs are for those of us with a single or a couple of computers rather than for those large companies, which often have a mainframe computer as the central communicator.

The source provides a minimal source for storing checklists as well as storing company information. But again, your backup time management plan is in trouble if you do not have your data stored off the premises.

While there are many solutions or methods for strategizing a time management scheme, no scheme is bullet proof unless your plans are backed up.



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