Prioritization Techniques For Effective Time Management!

If you find that you are always falling short of time, or that things that need doing appear to get left behind, that you are stressed and unable to cope, then it is time for you to effectively prioritize your time and your activities.

Using proper prioritization techniques can leave you with more time to spend with your family, some time to yourself, read a book, take time off, and do the things that you really enjoy-

prioritization techniquesMake to-do lists and classify tasks into categories such as “Urgent”, “Important but not urgent”, and “Can Wait for a While” or so on.  Now using this to-do list do tasks in their order of urgency, so that as each task gets completed you feel a sense of relief and achievement, and can move on to the next task.

Consider the fact that 80% of all results emerge from about 20% of effort and so once you have made that effort and seen tasks being completed in an efficient this will motivate you to continue working efficiently.

Start each day updating that list, by prioritizing once again, taking things from the previous day’s list that were left to be done and adding new priorities for the day.

Cut the fluff:

Once you have figured out how to prioritize your task list, it will become easy for you to pare it down by cutting out the extraneous stuff.

Use small periods of time effectively:

You have been meaning to have certain health screenings done – you know how important and urgent they are but you also know that they will be time consuming and so you keep procrastinating, feeling you will be unable to make the time for them. However whenever a small window of opportunity presents itself, make a start.

In that 15 minutes you have at the middle of the day or after you finished a quick lunch, make the effort to make a few phone calls to determine what is to be done, then fix appointments for your check ups, and once you have than on your agenda, you will not be able to procrastinate. So make use of small periods of time to make a start of tasks which appear to be forbidding.

You may find that making that all important start could be biggest stumbling block to overcome and once you have actually started, you may find that the task isn’t all that intimidating after all, and that you are quite up to it to get it done properly.



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