How To Make Everyday As 25 Hour Day? Dealing With Time Problems

Time ManagementYour to-do list consists of lots of things which you want to do, but you are always bound by the limited amount of time.

When comes to your personal life you may have lots of plans to achieve.

Once you spent all your time in your work, you won’t find enough time for such things.

At this situation you feel at a loss on what to do and how to approach this dilemma.

Don’t worry, you are not alone who are facing this condition; there are most of the people who are in the same situation.

Most of you always wish to have more time in your hands so that you can accomplish more things, not only for work related things but also for personal matters.

Some of you want more time in order to deal with more work related matters to meet the deadline in finishing the deal or any such related stuff.

Some others want to spend most of the time for their personal things, whereas others want to spend more time with their family. Some may also want extra time for a vacation or simply they want to spend their valuable time with their loved ones.

Time! A valuable gift for yourself

You may feel the extra time in your hand as a welcomed gift. For whatever purpose you make use of it, but you will be very happy with that extra time. You feel it as a gift which nobody can give you.

You need to work on all by yourself to achieve this incredible thing. You alone can give yourself this thing as a gift. So, at the end of it you only need to thank yourself.

If you have extra time in your hands, you can allocate sufficient time to complete all the essential activities. Moreover, you can also plan for the tasks which you love very much to do.

Once you plan this system, you won’t experience any problems in planning for various activities that you may wish to do. You will be more flexible in doing such things and also you may have the ability to be able to achieve more that you expected.

With this time gift, you will get lot of strength to accomplish more and more things. There is no need to beat the deadlines by a second. You won’t get any stress in completing the activities quickly.

The better thing you will get is you will have time to enjoy your life with your friends, family or with your loved ones.

In order to give yourself this gift, you need to do some things. You alone need to try it out and observe whether it works for your case.

In order to get better results you can try it out individually or in combination. Continually you need to have your goal in your mind. Once you achieve this you can give a gift to yourself.

Tips to make everyday as 25 hour day:

The below mentioned tips will greatly help you to get most out of your available time. If you want, these make your everyday as a 25 hour day.

Asses your activities:

When you look at your to-do list for that day, it is better to asses and verify the necessity of each task. Confirm yourself that the task is really that much important and it would not be in conflict with another on the list that is of most importance for this time.

Assessing your activities will greatly help you. It helps you to authenticate each task and to find a refined list that consists of highest priority and important tasks.

This guarantees that you are using your time wisely and strategically. This means, you are in way towards the completion of the tasks which need to be done quickly.

Typically some of you stick to the list of activities and follow it blindly. In practical it is okay if you have completed considerable thoughts before when you prepared the list.

So far you need to remember one thing that there are times that would demand for some adjustments and flexibility on your part.

Sometimes there is a chance to enter new information in your task. This causes you to readjust your schedule. This information may give new thoughts to your list of activities that you need to do.

The main reason to re-evaluate your schedule is that it must reflect what required to be done in light of the updates you may receive in the course of the day.

The key idea is you need to constantly evaluate your to-do list. Don’t forget that the list only acts as a guide. At the end, you only have to use your better judgment and common sense to do the activities in your schedule for that specified time.

Just ensure that you are doing what you want to do and achieve. Also, make sure that the task you are doing is of greater importance than all the other tasks which you are required to do in your list.

Try to save every second!

Saving every second gives you a lot, since every second counts you very much. If you know the importance of time, you know that how much you will get from every second.

You don’t want to waste any second that won’t give you positive effect on your goal. Each second is valuable and you will find a lot of time at the end. You can make good use of this valuable time to do some other important tasks.

This all depends on you and how you recognize the time to be. If you consider it as precious, then you will act in ways that reflect how you look at time to be.

You need to beware of the time passing by, and constantly evaluate what and how you are doing when compared to your plan for that particular day.

Put all your effort to make each second count. Make use of each second wisely and productively. When you become more conscious about this, you will be in a position to complete more in a little period of time.

You will find a change in yourself that you are able to complete much more than what you did in the past.

This is all just a matter of learning to save the time. Whereas, during certain times of the day, you may consider you can give to relax. Also you can use this time to use in a more productive way. Either you can start on a new task or plan your schedule strategically.

Hold your feelings and emotions:

Your feelings will vary from day to day. It will be hard to know the complexities of each human personality for many reasons.

Some of you get hold of your emotions and don’t allow any other to find the better of him. I think you remember the times in which you woke up and felt it was just not your day.

When you woke up and look outside the window, you already know that you are in for a dreadful day.

Due to these situations, some of you would carry these bad feelings and moods with them throughout the day. With these you can’t complete the tasks and activities for that particular day.

If you won’t get grip on your emotions and feeling, there is no doubt that you miss a lot of things to do for that particular day. Lack of right mood to work on your task makes you to miss the deadline in the process.

With such type of feelings and emotions, you are not able to concentrate on your scheduled tasks.

So, it is very important that you should constantly keep your emotions stable. It is better for you if you are aware of such situations. Aware of these conditions is better than controlling them for your own good.

Practically speaking, the activities in your to-do list need to be done one way or the other. You can postpone some activities to a later time, if you feel like doing these easily. By doing like this you may put yourself in a tighter schedule than you may want to be in.

The best thing what you need to do is control your feelings and emotions. Put as much effort as you can to reach your goal. If your deadline permits you can re-adjust your schedule and put it at a later time when you feel like doing it. But, you should keep it as an exception rather than a rule.

Remember that you should have the discipline to work at things regardless of mood or how others feel. Discipline separates the winners from losers. If you want to be a winner, you should hold your emotions and feelings.

Being well-organized:

Time ManagementFinishing a task is good, but completing it earlier and with good quality is worthy. This is the spirit of being capable.

You can search for ways to complete your work quickly without affecting its quality.

With this you can create a better system to carry out your task effectively.

Always search for ways to improve your current doings.

All these will ensure to become you more efficient and also help you in saving your time.

Being well-organized means you are able to maximize your resources in order to accomplish your task.

Being well-organized means making use of one’s creativity and wisdom. Find innovative ways to do better of your task. The next time when you want to work on something, always ask how the activity at hand can be done better and efficiently.

Always have that intrusive nature and intelligently question why such activities have to be done in a certain ways. Doing this way you are able to generate your imaginative juices in becoming more efficient in how you carry on your work.

Always be ready:

You should always come with all the necessary things to effectively perform the task for their completion. These things could be appropriate information or results of work by some other people. This information will be useful for you to complete your task.

Intentional planning will keep you away from surprises that could delay the completion of your tasks. Whenever you have proper planning, you can proceed every activity right according to the schedule. You won’t find any obstacles if you have if you have correct plan.

Always be ready for the completion of each task that is in your to-do list. Preparation is the key to achieve your goal on time so that you will save a lot of time.

Be conscious of the line – “Dude, I got it”

When you are on your work and passing information to some other person, you will get reply as “I got it” from he/she. This must be intimation for you to end and go on with other essential things.

Some of you won’t consider such responses and carry on with talking and sending information. This is completely waste of time and you will lose greater amounts of valuable seconds that you can use more productively on some other activities of your to-do list.

You can also use the line “I got it” when someone tells you instructions or some other information that you already know. You will be appreciated by that person as you save his/her time for other important things that need to be done. Ensure that you use the line politely and courteously. Otherwise he may get it wrong.

Get a good night’s sleep:

You should spend some time for sleeping. With the good night’s sleep you will do well and ready to perform the task that need completing within a day.

With enough rest and fresh mind you will be efficient in carrying out your tasks and activities. You will be alert and attentive to all the activities that you need to perform. Your work quality will be good. You will find yourself more capable to carry each task towards completion.

Don’t take lightly a good night’s rest. Enough rest will greatly help you towards achieving your goal. You will get more energy and mental power to become successful.

Never ever run out of time!

If you follow the above mentioned tips then you will make your day as 25 hour day for yourself, so that you will never run of time again. You will find lot of time in your hands to complete your work.

Every second is very precious for you. You will achieve big things only after small ones. Put all effort to maximize its use to achieve best results. Whenever you will learn to use the time to the full extent, you won’t find hard time for accomplishing your tasks as per your deadline.

Assess all the activities in your plan to do and ensure that these will all contribute towards the greater scheme of things. You will be able to meet your goals both in work and in life.

It is not hard to achieve 25 hour day. Be conscious about not wasting time. Prepare yourself emotionally, physically and mentally. Then you can have enough time in your hands to complete all your tasks on time.



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