How To Defeat Procrastination? Acting Without Delay Is The Best Solution!

Time Management - Procrastination

Acting Without Delay Defeats Procrastination!

Most of you usually postpone the things to do at a later time.

Anytime did you think about the reason behind this type of situations?

If so, you also think about how to defeat procrastination.

Most of the people are blamed by procrastination.

If you won’t try towards correcting this behavior then you will be habituated for this and thus it will put you in continuous inaction.

Surely this will lead you towards perfecting the art of procrastination.

In order to deal with procrastination, you need to follow some basic things. If you put your effort to defeat procrastination then you are on your way towards a better life.

Procrastination – A tempting situation

Why procrastination is a tempting situation? Nobody is excused from this and it is becoming a continuous struggle for people. If you are consistent in defeating procrastination, you will have enough time to complete your tasks and you will reach your set goal.

Want to know the reason behind why you are tempting towards procrastination. With these reasons you will understand why such behaviors come to you.

Not having dedication:

Not having firm dedication towards the things that you need to do leads to delays in your tasks. Due to lack of dedication, you will have a hard time starting on with your work.

Mainly dedication relates to your personal discipline. Individuals how doesn’t have discipline to work on things will easily tempted towards procrastination. This is due to the lack of dedication towards his/her tasks.

Lack of excitement:

Without the excitement to do the task in your list and follow through until conclusion will become a problem for you.

Lack of excitement to work hard or even to begin working on the tasks that need doing will also cause for you to procrastinate. Do some other things that you consider to be more meaningful or fun.

Without the desire deep inside of you, it will really hard for you to work on things and see it through completion. In some cases you are struggling to find meaning to the task at hand will also lead you to procrastinate.

Lack of skill or knowledge:

Some of you will postpone the task when they don’t know how to go about proceeding. If you don’t have enough knowledge to complete the task successfully, obviously you will postpone doing it until you are ready to do it.

If you are not able to build the skill levels to make an acceptable job, you usually won’t continue with your task as you know that you can’t do well as of the moment.

Having the fear of failure:

If you don’t dare to start your task that you need to do also causes you to procrastinate. The reason behind postponement of things is you don’t want to put it into failure at an earlier time.

However this extends your distress and having such negative attitude, you will most likely intend to failure. Fear can be overwhelming and if you are not able to control it well, you may procrastinate to hoard your face for sometime.

All of you know how this situation ends. Failure causes you unable to accomplish the tasks on time and the corresponding low self esteem.


If you have too high standards, that will lead you well towards a perfect work. But, most of the time it won’t work. It will also consume your valuable time.

Go on doing with your work over and over until you believe it to be within your standards. Usually you will put off doing something if you don’t have perfect idea. So, perfectionism is helpful for some extent.

Tips to defeat procrastination:

Time Management - ProcrastinationHaving discipline:

Without dedication to work hard on your activities, you are ruined for failure.

Without it you are not able to continue and follow thru your work until its completion.

Most of the time you will take it lightly, you consider the task is not that much important.

If you have the discipline to work on things that are essential to accomplish your tasks will help you overcome from procrastination.

Self-imposed discipline will causes you to move towards the completion of task that you are forced to do.

Self-discipline will not allow procrastination. It will force you to work on important things and it will not allow you to sit on your success.

Get time to learn, increase knowledge and skill:

You need to do some research on your own in order to complete your work at hand. Learn the stuff that is required to complete your task. It will be good for you, if you consult someone or ask for an expert advice.

Most of the time you need to do the task with the resources that you have, so that you will put an effort to learn on your own. This will be the key towards being knowledgeable and skillful.

After you gain the necessary knowledge and skill, there is no chance for you to procrastinate. Now you are ready to carry on with your tasks at hand. You will be very confident, when you know you are able to carry the tasks to their completion. You can produce quality work.

Approach determines altitude:

You won’t experience any problems while working with your task, when you follow right approach. You will be very confident to achieve any activity for the completion of tasks. You are able to put all your effort to make things happen and produce good work within in the deadline.

Excitement and oblige to accomplish your goal will greatly help you to defeat procrastination. If you have strong enthusiasm on what you are doing, you will easily do your work without much hesitation.

You already heard the saying – attitude determines altitude. Your attitude and approach will determine how high you can go. Your success levels depend on your attitude towards what you are doing.

Never ever lose your winning attitude. Winning attitude will leave no place for procrastination to stay. You will be convinced yourself that inaction will lead you to the success that you want to achieve.

Be practical about your standards:

You are no need to produce perfect work; actually an acceptable work is enough. Most of the times, perfectionists are trapped in a bind that they generate for themselves.

They get trapped in the flow of inaction and apparently they are unable to complete the task until it match to the high standards that they oblige on themselves.

The necessary things for one to consider it a complete task are good work or sufficient job. Sometime perfectionism leads you towards the road of dreams, where perfection can only become possible.

Satisfy with a good quality work. There is no need to be perfect; the only thing it requires is good quality. Having perfectionism is good, but it is something away from human capacity. Try to learn your limits and stay for a near perfect work if it is required. But, don’t allow perfectionism to become an obstacle towards completion of your task within the deadline. Perfectionism is nice if you are in an illusion. In real world good work is really good enough.

Be motivated:

Create a system where you reward yourself for finishing the tasks within the deadline. Know what the reason for your motivation is. It will be the key towards coming up with the rewards you will give yourself.

To be more challenging, you may also set punishment if you are not doing things as per your plan. Surely this will provoke you to stick to your schedule and you will work hard to avoid the punishment.

Continually motivate yourself and also find artistic ways to reward yourself. You will be more excited after completion of each task. After each success, you will be more confident and you are ready to undertake more difficult tasks.

Setting up small successes – Targets to celebrate

It is better to divide your task into sub groups for normal things get done and preventing procrastination from setting in, so that your milestone can be set.

By doing like this, you will feel certain accomplishment as you reach each milestone. You will be encouraged o work and on the next task and you will increase your effort levels. The urge to complete the task fast can then be another motivation for you.

You will hit one milestone after another and your confidence level is increased after each milestone is reached. With this you can easily overcome from the next obstacle very easily.

You should set the time to celebrate your small wins that you achieve for yourself. This will give you high level of motivation and you will consistently work hard and smart towards the accomplishment of each goal.

Suggestion to deal with procrastination quickly:

Time management problems lead you to procrastinate. Everyone must accept this truth.

The first and most important thing is know the causes of this situation and deal them strategically. You should work towards devastating procrastination from your system. Don’t wait a little longer to deal with procrastination, because you already lose a lot of time with this.

There is no better way to deal with procrastination other than addressing it as soon as possible. Procrastination is the result of inaction. You can best solve it with action.

Finally small steps will lead to bigger ones. You need to start with the former to serve as an ignition switch, and then you will be ready to go.

Visualization is also an important thing. This involves representing yourself doing your work and completing it. Visualization is all about boosting your confidence and projecting the right attitude.

It also boosts the energies that are necessary for the completion of tasks in your to-do list. Picturing yourself for completing the tasks will be a good psychological advantage for you.

Overcoming from entering into procrastination is very difficult and most of you are continue to struggle with it. In sometimes one will surrender to it. But one should be able to overcome from it.

You should learn from the breaks that procrastination has brought in the past. Don’t repeat it to happen again. Start today onwards and you should have no more time to procrastinate.



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