Beat The Deadline To Get The Things Done Fast!

Time ManagementWhenever you look at your to-do list, you will find lot of tasks you still have to do.

Then you look at your watch and find less time to accomplish the remaining tasks.

Immediately you begin to feel pressure, you start to panic and find methods to overcome from the situation.

You start searching for ways to complete all the pending tasks you still have to do.

With the inadequate amount of time, you will feel hopeless of the situation you are in. When you look back to the time you had, you feel that you were unable to make full use of it.

Consider the time-wasters you had pampered yourself in and the non-value adding activities you involved yourself with.

Now you will look at the remaining time left for you to finish the pending tasks, you can’t do much but just make use of the remaining little time that is left.

This can be the most horrible situation that you can find yourself in. It doesn’t matter in what ways and how you want to complete your tasks, but the fact is that you have run out of time.

You may think that, there is still something which helps you to get out of this. Is there still hope for you to solve this situation? Is it possible to come out of this situation and complete your pending tasks?

Tasks to-do now!

If you have adequate time in your hands, you can categorize your to-do list according to priority and urgency. If you not plan carefully, you may not have the comfort to do so with almost so little time left.

The only option that you have is, you need to schedule all these as soon as possible (ASAP) or worst. You need to do all these things NOW only.

Avoid the situation at all cost – you would not wish to have a lot of things to do ASAP. In most of the cases, you can’t do some tasks, so that it will be a heartbreaking thing for you.

For the next time don’t repeat the same situation. For this you should plan carefully, so that you will find adequate time to work on your activities at a reasonable rate. In this way, you can allocate sufficient time for each task.

Also, make sure that each will be completed well and in fine quality. You will find less satisfaction for a task which is completed haphazardly. It is just a simple step higher to an uncompleted task.

Tips to getting things done fast:

When countdown to your deadline begin, follow the tips to getting things done fast.

Prioritize and sort out the tasks:

Even though it may appear desperate and possibly you may notice that setting priorities on your task will not help a lot with your case now. That may certainly be true, however without a guide, you may finish up with a lot of tasks that are started but not finished.

So it is best to rate each task based on its significance and level of impact. This helps to minimize the effects and losses. The chosen task that when left undone would do a lot of damage.

Time ManagementPrioritizing the tasks based on their importance will serve as a guide when you performing your activities. [Time Management Plan]

This will at least keep you in track and will let you know which tasks come next.

You need to stick to the prioritization that you have set; this will make it orderly for you.

Organize the plan in way so that you can complete all the pending tasks. [Good organizing Tips]

If possible, it is better to plan in detail. The lesser the time, the more detail you should go.

With lesser time you should choose for a plan that you have to do by the hour. Thus you can use the remaining time well and according to the plan.

Tolerate and commit:

Set your own objects and organize your plan in a proper way so that you can reach your goals by accomplishing all your tasks on time. Working with what little time you have, will give less time for rest and recreation.

In the middle of your task, you don’t have the right for having fun. You can have fun after the successful completion of all the tasks. Commit yourself towards the completion of these tasks. Do what you have to do and tolerate if you have to.

There is no way to come out of this. You need to tolerate this and commit to the task. You can complete it if you dedicate your mind to it.

Hand over the tasks if necessary:

There are some tasks that you can actually be hand over to others. Particularly this is the case when that person has the capability to do so.

In certain states, don’t bound yourself to what you alone can do. When it is necessary, consider other resources and personnel around who can help you.

By doing this will help you in completing the tasks easily and faster. That extra time you can use to complete some other important things. The person from whom you are taking help may not always be fully capable in completing the whole task.

Let her do so the areas in which she has the capability to do. After she finishes her work then you take over after her, and finally finish the work.

Get rid of time wasters:

The key while working on a busy schedule is to do the tings fast. You have no time to engage in activities which will not have any positive impact on the accomplishment of your goals. Only connect to those activities which help you in coming out of the situation you are in.

The thing you need to do is, frequently remind yourself about the current situation you are in. by doing like this, it will keep you away from the time wasters that will deviate you in the accomplishment of your goals. [Goal Setting Key Points]

You should avoid talking long with people around you in busy schedules. Avoid the instances those particularly not related to your tasks to complete. Sometimes you may just be tempted to talk more than required.

Recreation and playing sessions should be postponed to some other dates. Rather, if you are a person who is already practiced time management, you can allocate time for such things.

Be disciplined:

In a busy schedule, lot of discipline is required to keep going the things as per the plan. Sometimes you may find it hard to follow and with human confines you may just give up the plan. You may no longer want to do anything of the remaining tasks.

You should remember the thing that the situation you are in now is your doing. At these times you should face the condition bravely. Don’t give up the task under any circumstances.

Now you are in a situation that may be a firefighting activity. The only way to tackle this is to follow an unrelenting effort towards its completion no matter what it is. Possibly, in the future, you are able to plan successfully in order to stop an immediate approach towards completing your tasks.

Be disciplined and stick to your plans and don’t ever call it a day until you have done all your goals for that day. Never give up the task without a fight. With proper discipline and right attitude, you still stand a chance and you can accomplish the task.

Be imaginative:

You should use your imagination particularly when your deadline is fast impending. You should be in a position to quickly evaluate the situation you are currently in. If needed make the necessary adjustments to meet the deadline.

You can approach your goal in many ways. If you are imaginative, you have various options regarding completing your task. It is all about imagination and using it to your advantage.

Time management is not a science that you should strictly follow; it will become an art if you are imaginative enough.

Give that extra effort:

When your plan becomes tough, it is the right time for you to give your extra effort. Don’t allow yourself to be too overwhelmed. This is the time to give all that you can and maximize your efforts towards finishing the tasks that have not so far finished.

When you decide to give up the task, it is better to give a second thought. Possibly you only have a slight more to go and you could have difficulty with the obstacles in the path. If there is still time, it is better to do what you can possibly to accomplish your task.


If you have the tasks which need synchronization with other people, then you must be constant with your follow up so that you will also be in the timeline you have position in finishing the activity.

Ask politely and allow the other person know that you need it in a particular time for you to meet the deadline.


When you are near to the deadline, you need to focus extremely on your goal. You should not lose your way from the plan, if you do so, you should reorganize yourself and come back twice as focused.

Without the proper focus to get through what you are in now, you may not be able to finish your tasks as per the initial plan. You should have strong determination to finish your tasks and you should focus in carrying out your plan of action.

With complete determination, you may really finish, but the quality of your work may not be as fine as with the one who had both determination and focus.



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