Why Using Control over Others Undermines Your Personal Growth & Success

The self-judgment involved in focusing on past failures, rather than past successes, keeps you in the darkness of hesitation where there’s no opportunity for growth. When you send-away the positive feelings linked with achievement, then it’s easy to slip back into negative self-talk and damage your success.

Talking to you in a negative way reinforces habitual, unhealthy behavior. A statement such as, “Why falsify ahead if I never get anywhere?” reflects a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem. This is called discouraged state, you may find it difficult to focus on or allow yourself to enjoy feelings of success as feelings of self-judgment then appear.

When a highly successful event does happen, you may believe that it’s pure luck. Self-talk and beliefs such as “My effort has no effect on the outcome,” may stem from previously programmed messages that you received from discouraging others. When your self-confidence and sense of security are lacking, you may oblige a diversion on yourself to avoid taking challenges or risks.

Lack of self-confidence can influence you to try to control external events, including others. When you’re busy trying to control external events, you may not be in control of yourself. For example, trying to control the way someone feels toward you tan be very frustrating. You can’t control the feelings of others, but you can be in control of the way you respond and behave toward them.

When you empower your mind and body to develop your personal strengths and resources
You can attempt to control everything or everyone, rather than managing your own feelings and behaviors, undermines your self-growth and awareness.

The point is not to focus on stopping others on their road to success, but to focus on your own personal growth and success. Work at understanding and appreciating your strengths (e.g. integrity, perseverance, sound judgment, forthrightness) that are always available within you.

The feelings of success generated between two or more people far overshadow the feelings created by damage and judging you. Why damage yourself, or anyone else? Criticizing yourself unjustly undermines your growth and success.

Blaming and judging yourself because you’re not able to manage other people’s thoughts and feelings is self-sabotaging. Undermining the success of others creates barriers to friendly relations, making it more difficult to appreciate situations that offer positive growth and opportunity.

Focus on developing your strengths to become enthusiastic and energetic. Concentrate on your own road to success. Dedicate your time and energy to developing healthy thoughts and emotions.

Take responsibility for your actions and move confidently toward your new opportunities. Stop discouragement yourself or others. When you empower your mind and body to develop your personal strengths and resources, you liven up and strengthen your commitment to become successful.

Forgiveness Is Essential For Growth & Success

Forgiveness is something that you do for yourself. Many people argue that their crook doesn’t deserve to be forgiven, but what the crook deserves is entirely beside the point. You deserve to forgive that individual.

How many people do you know who are bitter and consumed with abhorrence because, years ago, someone – a parent, cousin, aunt, sibling, friend, neighbor, teacher, and lawyer – did something hurtful to them?

The person who hurts you reparation your past and controls your present, as long as you allow it. Surely you’re not going to give him or her agreement to control and negatively influence your future, are you?

You can’t go as high as you’re proficient of going or reach the goals you’re capable of reaching when you’re carrying the burdens of anger and bitterness. Those are heavy loads to carry, and the chances of your realizing your full probable with those two burdens on your back are nonexistent.

Even if you were successful in your profession, how happy would you be as an individual? How many friends have you seen angry or bitter people obtain? How many of them have good relationships with their families and are optimistic, upbeat, and excited about the future?



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