What Makes This Man the Happiest in America? Part 2

In part 1 of the post, we discussed the various parameters affecting the happiness and well beingof men. The Gallup Wellbeing Survey threw up some interesting conclusions about happiness and wellbeing.

Using various different parameters, the happiest American was determined to be one Alvin Wong from Honolulu.

Apart from factors such as religion, gender and race these factors determined happiness and wellbeing.

What Makes This Man the Happiest in America

Marital Status – There is apparently no question that married people are happier. Study after study has shown that they are healthier and live longer as well.  Single people, people with domestic partners and those whose spouses have died, as well as divorced/separated people were seen to be significantly less happy.

Children – Those with kids are happier than those who don’t have kids, but a small margin.

Age – Senior citizens over the age of 65 are happiest, and those below the age of 30 are next. Middle aged people, the ones with the mortgages and other financial burdens, rebellious teens and so on, were the ones who were the least happy.

Income – Predictably, those that earn less than $ 12,000 a year are least happy. Increasing income is a predictor of better physical and emotional health.

Geography – Where you live is also important – Hawaii is the best place to live, and apparently West Virginia is the worst.

Employment – Business owners and self employed individuals are happiest, professionals next best and those in manufacturing and transportation are worst off.

Height – Also, you are happier if you’re taller!



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