What Makes This Man the Happiest in America? Part 1

The Gallup Wellbeing Survey has used various parameters to identify the happiest man in America – is he smiling, healthy, happy with his job, safe and secure? Considering these and other factors, it was determined that the happiest American is an Asian-American, is Jewish, self-employed, resident of Hawaii, married with kids, and earns upward of $120,000. He is Alvin Wong and he lives in Honolulu! So what makes him this happy?

happiest man

Religion – It was found that higher levels of religiosity(attendance of religious places and so on) are associated with more happiness.

Among all of the major American faiths, Jewish people are seen to have the highest levels of happiness. On the other hand, it is Muslims who were observed as having the lowest levels of well-being.

Gender – Gender appeared to be a less significant marker or predictor of happiness and well-being, with men only very slightly happier than women.

And even this discrepancy can be put down mainly to the fact that women tend to suffer more from physical ailments than do men. They are more likely than men to suffer from lack of energy, various aches and pains and other illnesses and so on.

Race – Race is also a strong predictor of happiness and well-being found the happiness survey and Asians are apparently the happiest! Asians scored better than all others in terms of emotional health, life evaluation, healthy lifestyles, physical health, and access to basic necessities.



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