What Is Worry & Can It Interfere With My Success?

Worry is a protrusion of your focus or awareness into some time in the future. Worry involves imagined events that have not yet occurred. Worry is mental, worry is negative, and therefore worry is wasted, destructive thought energy.

Since your only point of power is in the present, worry renders you mentally powerless. Worry is inaction, not action. Only action produces results. Inaction doesn’t produce, create, or change a thing.

Worry comes in many shapes and sizes, but regardless of the object or subject, it is always about potential negative outcomes. Here are just a few examples:

  • Worry that your health or life will give out.
  • Worry that a plan you have made won’t work out.
  • Worry that you won’t finish a project before time runs out.
  • Worry that something you desire or feel you need won’t come about.
  • Worry that something you have done will be found out.
  • Worry about family members or friends and how they will turn out.
  • Worry that you will lose your job and about the income you’ll be without.
  • Worry that before your bills are paid your money won’t hold out.

How to Shift the Fear of Success Out Of Your Life

Success activates bravery to solve problems and achieve goals for your life. Becoming successful by obtaining a goal can visibly be a positive experience. You can also obstruct your own success with feelings of being besieged once you get close to the goal.

If you allow yourself to become dominated by these unproductive feelings, your state of mind affects your actions. Allowing your feelings to affect you in this counterproductive way stifles your capability to become successful.

When success does occur, you’re not able to accept the feelings of joy and power associated with your activities. Denying feelings of achievement and success will result in producing highly unsuccessful and self-sabotaging behaviors. You’re responding opposite of what is required to reach your goals is called as a self-sabotaging behavior.

Fear of success occurs because negative self-talk and negative messages from others still dominate your beliefs and attitude. What is your chance of success or advancement if you allow others to affect your thoughts and behavior? Realize that your effort in eliminating negative self-talk and negative beliefs from others is aimed at improving your self-confidence.

Developing your inner resources, your self-esteem and self-respect, will motivate you to accept feelings of success on a continual basis.

One way to overcome fear of success is daringly overcoming discouraging feelings about yourself by eliminating self-defeating words from your vocabulary. And another way is to disregard self-defeating statements from others.

Success is achieved by continually expressing positive self-talk directed toward developing your enthusiasm, self-esteem, and vitality. “I can do it,” “Great job,” “Well done,” and “Right on,” are expressions of your vitality, influencing the course of your life. Your self-esteem and energy will help you overcome any fence and self-defeating attitude.

Changing your way of thinking about success activates your courage to solve problems and achieve goals. Instead of leasing your problems get the better of you, take control and energize your courage by saying, “I am determined to reach my goals,” and “My self- confidence and self-respect are so strong that I will move forward in life.” These courageous affirmations will enable you to master and take control of your emotional, physical, and mental to create fervor in your life.

Another way your commitment to remove fear of success, and change your thoughts and actions, is a personal choice. Even though internal, negative self-talk and discouraging words from others seem to enclose you, focus your thoughts and actions in positive, productive ways.

Believe in yourself and use encouraging self-talk to help you become enthusiastic about changing your behavior and attitude. When you experience rough times, discouraging words from others or negative self-talk, don’t let yourself get down.

If others try to instill fear in you by making you think you can’t accomplish what you set out to do, face the challenge and keep moving forward.



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