Tips for a Successful and Happy Life for Youngsters

As the proverb says “happiness is a state of mind and it depends on you if you want to be happy or sad”; however success and happiness is quite a co-related condition where you feel satisfied, elated and self appreciable. Unfortunately, in today’s generation a successful and happy life is becoming a rare instance amidst youngsters; they believe that success and happiness does not exist at all in the society.

The basic truth is that you will have to work harder to accomplish a successful career that will surely give you happiness; but it is always not so easy! This article will help you with some smart, easy and doable ways to rule out imbalance in life and get success and happiness uniformly in your life.

Although these tips can be followed by all but the problems and solutions we shall talk about mainly deal with youngsters. Since you are young, you have the time, agility, determination and zeal to live a happy, satisfied and successful life – do not lose on hope and read ahead!

tips for a successful and happy life for youngsters

Determine the Word “Success”

This term means differently to different people. How do you apprehend success? If it is to achieve a certain payscale, live a life of extravagance, keep your elders happy, have a peaceful family life, or do things that keep you happy and give you a peaceful and uninterrupted slumber at night. You have to search the right answer for yourself. Once you have done it – start evaluating your strengths, weaknesses, talents, skills, and interests and then choose that path of advancement.

Get Involved in Community Work

Since you are young you still have the physical ability and zeal to work for others and believe it or not once you see the others smile because of you; you would get the happiness induced automatically. Smile is contagious, spread it and you will feel the success of being happy and keeping others happy. There are hundreds of NGO is all forms, you can join them or you can start a small community yourself with friends to help the needy. Volunteering in social activities will not only improve your community’s status, but make you see the reality that there are many people who genuinely are in the unfair loop of life.

Figure out Goals

Strategically thinking about the motive of your life can be difficult,. Just close your eyes and think what you actually what, you will find thousands of desires pouring it. Therefore, logically explain yourself the priorities of life and set goals only which are achievable. Do not overdo your limits or expectations that might rebound with failure. Set out constructive motives in life – it can be in any aspect – your career, expedition with friends, joining a sports team, starting new hobbies etc.

Be Thankful

The sense of gratitude should be installed from childhood. Remember what your parents did for you; if you have earned anything in life it is because of their hard-work. The rest of it you will have to achieve to earn success and happiness. Be respectful and good to senior people, even if they are unknown to you. The little good work you do will be a path towards happiness. The blessings they pour on you will act as a catalyst towards your success. Staying in touch with your teachers and taking guidance from them life-long is indeed a noble idea!

Choose Friends Selectively

It’s a great idea to have abundant friends; but make sure that your friends are not taking you on a negative drive. One bad fish can spoil the entire tank; thus keep an eye if anyone in your friend circle is spreading out any vicious ideas around.  It might affect all including you; better choose friends who are associated with healthy and constructive affairs. Stay away from drugs and other addictive ways. They never do any good apart from wasting money and ruining your health.

The entire life is ahead you to plan out the best ways of attaining success; all you need is to be balanced, composed and rational. Follow the above tips and gain happiness and success for life long.


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