Three Main Keys To Happiness In Positive Self Development!

Positive Self Development - HappinessIn this 21st century you will be questioning yourself regarding your happiness, enjoyment and necessity to lead this life etc.

Exercise, diet, spiritual healings, or practicing any other restrictions has become the set of commandments which are laid on the path of your life.

You cannot attain happiness [Happiness Tools] by these things; happiness is all about healing, knowing about yourself.

Confidence level and sense of rejuvenation will get increased with in you by knowing about yourself. You can achieve ultimate nirvana with your self identity. Basically nirvana will be obtained by three main concepts namely self realization, self confidence and self acceptance.

The first step for happiness is self-realization. To give clear idea on self-realization let us take an example of Gautama Buddha. He attained the state of nirvana under the Bodh Gaya tree by meditating under it for several years and found that the life is suffering.

He realized all the material which leads to suffering. Being a modern man you can’t do all these things? The right way to attain nirvana is to have self-realization by questioning yourself.

The various elements which come in to the play on self realization are dreams, wealth, career interest, academic achievement, etc. Your standards and capabilities will be known to you by self realization.

Stress, anxiety and tension will be developed with in you because of keeping high goals which are too high for your capacity and personality.

Of course the stress of yours can get reduced by finding the right way to achieve the goal with right medium. This can be obtained with thought and patience. Going to a trek or trip, reading, painting or any other hobby is an important key to self realization.

Self acceptance can be attained easily if you realize yourself. Uniqueness will be obtained with self-acceptance because the matters of aptitude, motivation, intelligence and interests will be differing from one individual to another individual.

After realizing your potential you can realize what kind of person you are. Don’t feel much on the negatives present with in you because there is no one who has all the positives.

Thirdly self confidence helps you to attain complete happiness. Self confidence is the last step in gaining the harmony between the identity and the self. Self confidence makes you to know what you are and what are the capabilities present with in you. [Improving Self Confidence]

You can gain the sense of efficiency in your relationship and work if you are clear about the goals which you want to achieve and how to reach them. The clear idea and procedure will certainly reduce the stress and anxiety.

Therefore self realization, self acceptance and self confidence are considered as the three keys to success which harmonize the relation between identity and the self to reach the state of nirvana.



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