Thinking Positive Makes Your World A Happier Place

positive thinkingOnce you start thinking in a more positive manner, happiness will naturally follow.

Sharing sadness does not lessen our feelings but spreading happiness is infectious.

If someone you know is feeling down, your upbeat attitude won’t make them feel worse, it will definitely lift their spirits. [Finding happiness]

The other thing to consider is that when you are feeling unhappy everything is a chore.

Letting bad things that happen in the world distract you, makes you restless, it seems like you never get anything done. It is human nature to be happy we contain the essence of joy in its purest form.

Henry Ford famously said “If you think you can or if you think you can’t, either way you’re right”. Fundamentally, it is our own thinking that can be the stumbling block to leading happy fulfilled lives.

We were born with the right to feel happy and everyone deserves happiness, it is not something that we have to earn.

Ultimately, being positive will not make the world an idyllic place to live in but it will make a difference to someone, somewhere. Decide what you value the most in life and what it is that means more to you than anything else. Try to experience those feelings by contributing to others, embrace them.

It was once said that “….The greatest lie in our culture is the one that says you are broken, incomplete and need something outside to give you happiness”. This is simply not true; it is okay to be happy.



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