The Path To “Finding Yourself” May Take A Lifetime

happinessThe path to happiness and personal fulfillment is long and many junctions must be considered.

Becoming the person we want to be can sometimes take a lifetime.

At the start of our journey, all we really have are our core values often learned from our families. That and our own instincts are enough to decide upon a mission statement that will be the basis of the year ahead.

Although totally committed to this carefully considered path, many outside factors will result in alterations, people will influence you and experience will change your thinking.

It is this constant reassessment that is the key to achieving goals while developing our character and personality.

Imagine an aero plane traveling from A to B, a very direct route when viewed on any map. In reality for most of the journey, the machine’s nose won’t even be pointing in the right direction.

Weather conditions will force a change in course and even a flock of geese could steer it away from the planned heading. The man steering the plane will constantly have to check his flight plan making many minor changes to get himself on track.

This is a parody of our lives, a life without regret means we must be true to ourselves, to do that we must first decide on what principles we will live by. By combining our life goal and mission, statement personal happiness is within our reach. We must be what we want to be, not other people.



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