The Gift of 5 Happiness Tools

1. Personal power.

Personal power is all most indefinite passive power, similar to character, that gives you power over your feelings and power over your luck. Personal power has two components: taking responsibility and taking action.

It means realizing that your life belongs to you and you alone, and then doing something about it. Personal power keeps you from being a victim. When your personal power is at its climax, you’re secure. You don’t need to be popular; you don’t need to be right; you don’t even need money in the bank. You can handle whatever life dishes out.

2. The power of language and stories.

Language, as the single most basic force of the human intelligence, has the power to alter awareness. We don’t explain the world we see – we see the world we explain.

We think in words, and these words have the power to limit us or to set us free; they can frighten us or evoke our courage. Likewise, the stories we tell ourselves about our own lives ultimately become our lives. We can tell healthy stories or horror stories. The choice is ours.

3. Choice.

Choice is the father of liberty and the voice of the heart. Happy people turn away from fear, and find that their intellects and morale contain a huge store of choices. Having no choices or no options in a people it feels like being in jail.

It leads to despair, nervousness, and the condition called learned defenselessness. Choice can even rule awareness. Anyone can choose the course of their lives, but only happy people do it. Unhappy people make the mistake of giving in to the automatic fear reaction, which limits their choices radically, to just fighting, fleeing, or chilly.

4. Appreciation.

Appreciation is the first and most fundamental happiness tool. Appreciation is the purest, strongest form of love. Love gives everything. It is the outward-bound kind of love that asks for nothing and gives everything. Thus, admiration is the cure to fear.

Although fear was the first emotion that developed during evolution, love is believed to be the second. It, also, has fabulous survival value; our near the beginning intimates, who fight to survive during the day, huddled mutually for comfort at night.

Fear is strong, but love is stronger, because it’s a product of the necrotic, not the lower brain. Investigate now shows that it is physiologically impossible to be in a state of admiration and a state of fear at the same time.

5. Leading with your strengths.

You naturally begin to focus on your strengths – and start to solve your situation. When you give in to the automatic fear reaction, it makes you focus on your weaknesses, which only reinforces your fear.

But when you take the path of the intellect and spirit, People often think that fixing their weaknesses will save them, but it rarely works. It’s just too painful. Leading with your strengths feels good, and that’s why it works. Simple but true. You’ll never be complete until you learn to lead with your strengths every day.



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