Success Tip: Get To Know Yourself!

How does a person get the strength and qualities they require in order to become successful in life? The key to building the confidence and self-esteem you’ll need to lead your life lies in developing a strong relationship with yourself.

To do this you must defy society’s pull toward preoccupation with what’s happening “out there” by revolving your dream innermost.

We live in a world that constantly pulls us outside of ourselves. There are the sensational news stories, larger than life film characters, nonstop advertisements on television, radio, the Internet, and in the mail.

And there are the individual distractions as well – earning a living, raising the kids, company politics, keeping up with the Joneses – you get the picture.

We also are inclined to focus our attention on everything but the present moment. We’re either pulled back into the past or forward into the future, never living in the “now.”

The problem with this perspective is that within the present moment lies the chance to use our most strong creative power. The more we live outside of the present moment, the more attached we become to external results, accomplishments, possessions, or the opinions of others.

A commitment to revolving your dream innermost on a regular basis will train you to look inside for answers. When you do, you’ll begin to make the highest spiritual choices for your life.

By engaging in activities that draw you closer to yourself, you not only create a strong attachment to your inner world, you learn that you can trust yourself to handle any situation. A solid, positive relationship with you is essential. There are no shortcuts, no quick fixes, and no easy antidotes. The journey to self-confidence and courage begins and ends with you.

It’s so ironic that the very thing we need to do to build a strong base of self-confidence and self-esteem is so simple – we need to spend time with ourselves. Each one of us has our own unique way of developing a stronger connection to our religious center.

The method may be different, but the goal is the same: You need to spend reliable time in spiritual union with yourself. The way you do this is less important than the commitment you make to a regular practice. It is always surprising at how people know precisely what they need to do to develop a stronger relationship with them; it’s doing it that’s the problem. Take action and start giving time to yourself!

Technical Skills + the Right Attitude = Success

Attitude is extremely important for yours. It enables you to achieve astonishing things. But without the right skills, you’re limited in what you can do, regardless of your attitude.

An enthusiastic salesperson with the right attitude can attain a degree of success in selling a good product – sometimes even considerable success. But this individual can’t realize his or her full potential without being thoroughly trained in the product and understanding something about the people with whom he or she is dealing.

Salespeople must have good people skills and be able to answer the questions that potential customers ask. Without those skills, they miss a high percentage of the sales that they should be making.

In a similar stratum, many enthusiastic, highly motivated, upbeat people don’t have a clue how to operate today’s high-tech equipment. Others don’t know how to deal with people effectively in a changing world. As a result, they can have limited success, at best.

In short, without the skills to go with the right attitude, your success upper limit is predetermined, and it isn’t especially high. Remember, motivation always precedes education. The person with the right attitude and the right skills can become more successful than ever before because competition for good-paying, skilled jobs continues to refuse.



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