Staying Happy With The Simple Things In Life

There is an old saying, when your neighbor loses his job it is a recession, when you lose your job it is a depression.

The first thing to remember is that although unemployment is rising around the world most people are still working, so for most people it is still just a recession.

It is also important to remember that we have lived through difficult times before and not only survived but flourished, and we will do so again, the human spirit is a remarkable thing.

So how does one keep their spirit raised through turbulent times, when nothing but chaos seems to be going on all around?

Here are a few simple tips about family that have seemed to work throughout our history, before there were billionaires, computers, ipods, and next generation telephones, their were families.

1) Family Dinners– The last time if you check spending quality time with your family didn’t cost very much money. The art of conversation around the dinner table, from talking about each others day, to topics such as politics, economy, religion, and sports, all has been lost to recent generations.

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