Power Of Focused Attention

Despite the social illusion that we can have it all, we only have a limited amount of energy and time.

Even if we think we can achieve it all during our heightened state of enthusiasm and inspiration, when reality hits, we’ll find that striving to achieve it all at once will result in exhaustion and disconnection with our inner selves.

Instead of striving to achieve it all, how about striving to achieve what’s most important to us? How about striving to be fulfilled and happy? How about striving for personal wellbeing and meaning?

Doing Too Much

Given that we have a limited amount of resources; attention, energy and time, how we divide our resources greatly affects the success of our desired outcome.

The more focused we are at any one thing, the more energy gets concentrated into that thing.

Attention can be compared to the sharpness of a knife. A knife is sharp because energy has been focused at the blade.

Thus, the more focused the energy is at the blade, the sharper the knife, the higher the cutting power, and the stronger the knife.

If energy is not focused at the blade, we end up with a dull knife, with lowered cutting power – weaker knife. A dull knife may be good for spreading butter, but if your goal was to cut through soda cans, you have missed your desired outcome.

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