Planning For Success

successToday might feel unmanageable. This might be the day where all the projects and assignments seem to pile up.

You might look at this day with disdain and think about yesterday when you were unable to finish your work.

In fact, the reason why you’re so backlogged today is because of yesterday. Yesterday, all you could think about was the number of hoops you were supposed to jump through and the very thought of that paralyzed you with fear.

How can you make today go more smoothly than yesterday? Do you have to do anything? What are your deadlines? Do you absolutely have to finish your project today? Can you ask for an extension?

Are you so committed to finishing the project today because you want to impress your boss or client? Why not cut your workload in half and take the rest of the day off? Ask these questions before obsessing over a deadline.

Faster work = More Play

If you do get your work done, want to see a movie? Imagine relaxing and doing nothing. Keep in mind that the sooner you get your work done, the sooner you can go home.


Before you even start your day, visualize your day. Think of your schedule and estimate the times at which you will finish your tasks. Imagine yourself completing these tasks. [Self motivation tips]


Instead of jumping into a task and hoping to get inspiration, try coming up with a lot of your ideas before you even get started. For each job that requires innovation or creativity, take advantage of the extra energy that you have after a night’s rest.

Outline – set milestones

Once you have brainstormed, create a mental outline. Have an idea of everything you plan on doing throughout the day. Set milestones at which you can feel proud and accomplished for finishing your work.

Break work into manageable chunks

Instead of seeing the project in its entirety, break your project up into steps that you can finish in under an hour.

Every hour, do not worry about whether or not you will finish the entire project as a whole. Instead, focus on whether or not you will finish the task of the hour. This makes a project seem far less overwhelming.

Do not get sidetracked

If you feel tempted to stray to Youtube, resist that temptation. Save fun diversions for your break time. Whenever you distract yourself, you break your flow of concentration. [Improve concentration]

Then, you will have to reestablish concentration. Each time you have to regain focus you will lose time. As you get behind, you will sabotage yourself by focusing on the fact that you are not done instead of focusing on getting done.

Take breaks – reward yourself

Tasks are much sweeter when you know that you get a nice cherry on the top. Plus, if you commit to holding off pleasurable activities until you finish your job, you will work faster.

Make work more fun

If possible, take tasks on that you enjoy over tasks that you don’t. Keep your office or home as pleasurable as possible without adding distractions. Music really helps stimulate your mind and increase pleasure as long as the music is not distracting. Find music that is soothing.



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