Max Gunther’s Tips To Turn Your Luck – Part 2

turn ones luckSome more of Max Gunther’s tips to turn one’s luck around are –

  • Select your luck. If say your investments are not doing great at this time, examine if you have any realistic hope of your luck changing. If not get out and try your luck someplace else.
  • The zig-zag path – distraction is not necessarily bad. Sometimes it may lead to great success, so don’t ignore the new opportunity just to be able to stick to the original program.
  • Supernatural belief can also help – sometimes faith can help you make impossible decisions and help put you in winning positions by helping one make decisions.
  • Expect the worst, so you are not disappointed by lesser result and can handle. Lucky people are known to be pessimistic.
  • Know when to shut up. Sometimes it is possible to say too much, particularly personal information. If there is no reason to speak, stay silent.
  • Know what a non-lesson is. Some things in life are just bad luck and you cannot really take any lessons from them; so know when to just move on.
  • The Universe is not fair; accept it and move along.
  • Get busy with more activities to raise your chances of something good coming from them.
  • Find a destiny partner. This person does not necessarily have to be a romantic involvement, but the right person can help you change your luck.


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