Max Gunther’s Tips to Turn your Luck – Part 1

turn your luckMad Gunther, English-born American journalist and writer, is famous for his bestselling book on financial risk management, The Zurich Axioms, but is also well known for The Luck Factor, The Very Very Rich and Instant Millionaires, wherein he offers tips on how to position oneself in the path of “onrushing luck”.

His 13 tips to turn one’s luck around are –

  • Do not confuse luck with planning. Do not give yourself credit for good planning if your success owes itself more to luck or accident. If you make this mistake, this is an invitation for your luck to go bad in the future.
  • Find the fast flow. Place yourself in a situation where things are happening, where people are making them happen. Even if one is a quiet person, they need to network and let their existence and their abilities be known, so that opportunities can be directed towards them.
  • Take calculated risks. The key is balance here – neither be scared of taking any kind of risk, nor take foolish risks that are non commensurate with the reward. The so called lucky people are the ones who take the calculated risks.
  • Know when to cut and run. Quit while the going is still good; assume that your luck will run out.


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