Keys To Happiness – Staying Thin, Going To Church And Keeping Career Blues At Bay

A recent study has revealed the secret that all those self help books could not – The secret for happiness, means not worrying about one’s career, being in touch with one’s spiritual side and having a health lifestyle.

keys to happinessOne of the key predictors of happiness was having an emotionally stable partner. A survey was conducted by Bruce Headey of the University of Melbourne, who quizzed people in Germany on several factors such as their social life, careers and religious beliefs and activities over a 25 year time frame.

The factors that were seen to have the most significant impact on a person’s happiness quotient were –

  • People with partners who tested high on neuroticism were the least likely to be happy.
  • People who placed a high value on family life and on helpful behavior, were seen to be better satisfied with themselves.
  • People who attended church regularly and had strong religious beliefs were happier than those who did not.
  • On the other hand, people for whom material and career success were very important were seen as being less content.
  • Women who were obese reported less happiness than other women who were not.


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