Having Success Is a Choice – Not an Accident

Success is a choice in all areas of life; that’s why the good teachers will deal with the physical, the mental, the spiritual, the financial, the personal, the family-related, and the career-related.

In a lifetime, you make factually millions of choices that affect your future success. Most of the choices, after you make them a few times, become entrenched in you. You know from past experience what works for you, so you replicate the process.

If you choose to be happy, you need to explore what makes you happy. Identify whether happiness is a sense of accomplishment when you make an A in school, achieve a specific weight-loss goal, make a difficult sale, complete a mini-marathon, win over the sourpuss at the checkout counter, or whatever. Accomplishments make you feel good, and you’re happy as a result. After you determine what makes you happy, choose to do those things.Having Success Is a Choice

People who choose to follow the success procedures that many current teachers offer get good results, but it takes action. From time to time, people write in to their motivational teachers: “I want to thank you for making me successful.” But realistically, those people can’t accept credit for making anyone successful, nor should they accept responsibility for causing anyone to fail. And to be honest, instructors give those principles to several hundred thousand people each year, and by no stretch of the imagination do I believe that all of them follow those principles and become successful.

I do believe that people of good character who follow these procedures are far more successful than they otherwise would be. However, following or not following motivational suggestion is their choice, so if they follow the procedures and are successful, they are the ones who did it – not the instructors! People who are unhappy are generally unhappy because they think that other people should be doing things for them.

You only get into problem when you don’t get good results but keep doing the same things over and over again. It may look hard to believe, but many people operate that way – most in fact. On the other hand, if they say, “I attended your seminar, read your books, and listened to your tapes, but none of it worked for me,” I have to question whether they actually followed the principles carefully, whether they followed those principles believing that they would work, or whether they followed them with the idea that “I’ll do it, but I know it’s not going to work.”

Are You Making The Right Choices In Your Life?

Your success depends on the choices and decisions you make. You are what you are and where you are because of innumerable choices that you’ve made during your lifetime. Each choice has an influence; however minor examples, upon your path in life.

  • You can choose to be cheerful.
  • You can choose to be gloomy.
  • You can choose to be impolite.
  • You can choose to be polite.
  • You can choose to love your neighbor.
  • You can choose to hate your neighbor.
  • You can choose to be sober.
  • You can choose to be intoxicated.
  • You can choose to be an asset to society
  • You can choose to be a detriment to society.
  • You can choose to eat sensibly.
  • You can choose to indulge in unhealthy eating habits.
  • You can choose to be prosperous.
  • You can choose to be broke.
  • You can even choose to be mentally healthy.
  • You can choose to literally destroy your sanity.

When you understand that every choice has an end result, you place yourself in a position to become successful in every area of your life. Each choice that you make takes you either toward what you want in life or away from your heart’s wish.

Taking Inventory:

You are where you are right now because of the choices you have already made, so taking at look at the past helps you understand the true impact that choices have on your life. These things happened because of a sequence of choices that were made for you as a child and by you as you full-fledged. You should take list of everything you have and everything you’ve done that has any meaning.

Asking yourself a question:

What do you really want out of life? Reflecting on that question can save you a vast amount of time and heartache. An exceptionally high percentage of college graduates end up in a field unrelated to what they majored in, which leads me to think that most people wander through their childhood, teenage years, and young adulthood with no clear concept of what they want to do with their lives. The beginning point for the significant undertaking of figuring out what you want from life is a note pad, a quiet mark, and time to consider the question at length.

Many people follow goals that are set or influenced by someone else, but pursuing those goals, if they aren’t also your goals, doesn’t produce maximum satisfaction or important happenings. Think along the lines of “If I were absolutely certain that I wouldn’t fail, and if I had all the resources necessary to get there, what would I really want to be, have, or do?” allow your imagination run wild, and permit no judgment to follow the impulses that you put on that piece of paper. Don’t use money as your benchmark, but don’t eliminate it as a desirable goal. Money is frequently the result of performance and service, but making money your prime goal influences other choices to a large scale.



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