Happiness, That Golden Nugget we all seek

HappinessHappiness. It is the point of life, isn’t it? Pretty much everything that humans follow all through their lifetime they do in search of happiness.

Some people put huge amounts of efforts into activities with a belief that they will make them feel happy, only to feel miserable, while others are content with minor goals and are totally happy.

It is quite natural that every married couple has spoken those words: “I just wanted to be happy, or I just wanted to make him/her happy.” We all want to be happy or to make someone else happy.

Hardly ever, will you hear someone say, “I just wanted to be unhappy.” Happiness is the single most general motivating factor in why people seek to improve themselves, their situations, their health, or their relationships. People believe they will be happier if only…

  • They were prettier
  • They had more money
  • They were thinner
  • They were married
  • They were smarter

Is there a secret to being happy? Can things or events make us truthfully happy? Happiness is a state of being, a place where a person feels truthfully content, safe, and at peace with who they are and where they are.

True Happiness

True happiness is how we feel inside ourselves when we look at what we are doing in life. We all have desires that motivate us. We all have one or more really passionate things that we desire to have in our life.

For some, it may be possessions, but for the majority what actually makes them happy will be a person, or an achievement, or a place.

It is not the money that makes us happy; it is what we can do with the money. It is not the home or the mansion that makes us happy, but in fact happiness is how we feel when we are inside the walls of our home.

For majority of people, it is about being content with who we are and with what we do with our lives for finding true happiness.

Being truly happy is all about making the improvements in life that will bring about a quality of life to us, to our loved ones, to neighbors and friends whom we care about, that will bring satisfaction.

That is why we strive to make improvements in our selves, in our bodies, in our finances, our health, and our relationships.

Just because we want to be happy with our selves, with our finances, with our bodies, our health, and our relationships we make the improvements.

That is our golden nugget, when we accomplish the improvements that allow us to realize the full potential of our selves, our full potential of our finances, our best possible body physically and in health, and when our relationships are meaningful and bring us satisfaction.

When we look for love in relationships that is what we are searching for. We want to feel happiness when we are with our partner. We want to feel a real happiness about sharing our life with that person.

True happiness is about being in love with, and being happy with, who we are and accept who we are.

Live in the Moment

To live in the moment is one of the most important things that you can do to be happy. Don’t worry about problems that are plaguing you in the future if you are out trying to have a good time; it will only lessen the experience that you’re having.

Rather, focus on the task at hand, and address the troubles that you have when you can make time for them.


It is known fact that laughter is the best medicine and more and more we are finding that there is plenty of truth to the statement. Anticipate the moments in the future when you will be having a good time, and almost immediately, you will find that you feel better.

Decision Making

Don’t allow others to make your decisions for you. If you are being pressured into doing something that you truly do not want to do, politely decline the offer.

If you don’t think you will have a good time doing something, its almost a certainty that you will have a bummer time.


Levels of happiness are closely related to your levels of sleep. Cancel some of your plans and stay home if it seems like you haven’t had the time to get a good nights sleep in a while.

Curl up with a good book and make sure that you get a good amount of sleep. Your good moods turn into sour ones in an instant if you are depriving of sleep.

Getting Organized

You also may want to consider getting organized. When there is order in your life, you are less likely to stress out over minor things, and consequently, you may find that you are more happy.

Another thing to consider is not spreading yourself too thin. Life can get confusing when you have multiple things that you are trying to get done, so instead you should focus on one task at a time.

Make a list if you need to, and you will feel much better about yourself when you are able to check things off the list, giving you a feeling of accomplishment.

If there is anything you are not happy about, having the ability to understand why you need to make the improvement and to acknowledge any failures that come your way, as part of life and to be content with any self-improvements you do make. You will recognize happiness when you already have that golden nugget in your palm.



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