Gratitude Leads to Success and Happiness

In the technical sense of the word, gratitude means being thankful for an action and readiness to show appreciation for kindness. We all have learnt these words in our moral science classes where our teachers taught us how important it is to say ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’.

In other words we were taught the need to show gratitude and appreciate the good things of life. But how often do you implement these teachings in your life? Do you still stop to smile and thank people or do you use the power of technology to say ‘thnx’ that has neither emotion nor feelings. Well the need for gratitude in life is immense and here are a few reasons for it.

gratitude leads to success

Why do you need gratitude in life?

Becoming Aware

From the moment you wake up, till the moment you fall asleep, you are provided with a lot of facilities either by your guardians or your partners or even by people who work with/for you. Many a times you may take all these services and facilities for granted.

But imagine one whole day when all these things are absent from your life and you do not even get a hot cup of coffee because the man working in your canteen has not replenished the coffee machine. You would have to do each and everything yourself and then you would understand how much you get even without asking and how lucky you are. The more you think about it, the happier you will be and that will reflect in your work and life.

Helps to See the Bigger Picture

When you stop and feel the situation, thereby focusing on gratitude of whatever you have got, you will eventually get the power to see the small issues in a bigger canvas. Like small trifles in a love relationship might give you the courage to move ahead with optimism and solve it as you feel the gratitude of having the loved person in your life.  Similarly, small health issues will no longer drive you crazy but make you realize that you are not suffering from anything serious.

Helps to Reframe your Mind

After spending a day, if you have the virtue of gratitude within you, you will surely feel about the day in a broader perspective. Any experience or situation will come to your with positive mind frame and optimistic touch, thereby giving you peace of mind and happiness.

Teaches you a new “vision”

Gratitude helps you to see and feel the things that make you feel happy and successful in life. Thus, you gain a new outlook towards life and a vision towards betterment and success.



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