Forgive, It Only Makes You Stronger And Happy

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong” ~ Mahatma Gandhi. A mistake can be defined as anything and everything that hurts oneself or others. However, what is more important is that we understand the root cause behind the ‘mistake’. In fact, what might be a mistake for one might be a compromise or a sacrifice for another.

Forgiveness is key to happiness

Assimilating and accepting this realization is what will help us get over it, forgive it, and bring happiness and contentment to our lives. This leads us to an even more important revelation- the very fact that even one mistake which might be ‘intentional’ deserves an equal chance to be forgiven as well, after knowing for sure that the one committing the mistake promises never to repeat it again.

Forgiving does not Imply

  • Accepting the wrong – For the right is what survives. For instance, allowing a person to practice domestic violence on the pretext of forgiving the act is terribly wrong and must be forbidden at all costs.
  • Doing it just because “it’s the right thing to do”.
  • Telling the person that you forgive them for their wrongs.

It is crucial that we learn that ‘Forgiveness’ is a feeling of utter bliss and of getting out of a trap which had thus, been dominating the unruly manner in which we live our lives. It is a search for ultimate peace and inner happiness There is nothing better in this world than the act of forgiving for it helps you come out of the false cocoon of what we call ‘ego’. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting the wrong; it lays emphasis on working to reduce the anger or resentment towards the same.

Reasons why Forgiveness makes you Happy

  • Once you forgive, you stop brooding over the grievance and gain a free soul – no hard feelings and no hostility for anyone.
  • Forgiveness is a virtue that only people with broader mind set can follow; once you practice it the very positive feeling about your virtue makes you feel happy.
  • Forgiving a person means, forgiving the act he/she did to hurt you or cause harm. In a way you slowly forget the deed and your memory is left with no pain. It makes you feel relieved from within.

An unforgiving mind is forever bound in a circle of negativity as it tends to see every mistake as a major sin. It forgets to live life the way it is and not only becomes cynical but also builds up an uneasy atmosphere for one and all around. It misses out on the more important things of life. Forgiveness is not an easy task to pursue. It is for the bold and for those who are willing to move past the bad phase and start afresh to enjoy the positivity.

The act of forgiveness gets with itself that strength to accept the best as well as the worst of what life has to offer us. It increases our power of forbearance thus, opening doors to better opportunities for us. It is the ultimate source of happiness.

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