Faith and Honesty are Necessary for Being Happier and to Find Personal Fulfillment

Faith and HonestyYou need to consider two things for being happier and find personal fulfillment. Honesty and faith are those two things.

You need faith to be honest and you need honesty to have faith. The two tend to go hand in hand, nevertheless, you should have no problem feeling fulfillment in life if you can be true to yourself and be less selfish through faith.

Love Much, Laugh Much and Live Much

Most people say that you need to love much, laugh much, and live much for being happy.

You need to be able to receive and to give love when it comes to the love. You will never feel whole if you never feel what it is like to be loved, similarly if you cannot give love. You need love in your life to feel complete.

You should also find many things in your life to enjoy. You should have people around you who can support you and share a laugh every now and then with. You should define what makes you feel good about yourself and then seek those out.

Lastly, you need to live much. Living is not just breathing, living happens to be much more than the basics. There is a necessity of seeing the world through other people’s eyes. You need to take risks sometimes, but along with you should play it safe every now and then.

You need to find the balance between the two. You cannot allow yourself to be held back by fear, but you also should learn to trust your instincts.

Make a List of Things You Would Like to Do

You will need to make a list of everything that you would like to do before you die to feel fulfilled. Then prioritize your list with the important at the top of that list. Everyone’s list should be different and make sure that you do not show your list to anyone as they will discourage you with judgment.

Take Steps for Achieving Your Goals

You need to take more steps towards achieving those goals once you have the list. Whenever that you reach a goal, mark it off and place a new goal on the list. You are constantly reaching out for new experiences by doing this way.

At one point in your life, you can sit back and feel completed if you have the three most important things on your list done. You have done everything that you could possible want in life and more. You have succeeded.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

To feel self actualization or complete is the hardest triumph for a person. There are five steps or basis needs for a person in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. One is your basic needs.

You will always have shelter, food, clothing, love, and more, however, in order that you can get to self actualization you need to focus on the other four steps. You need to focus on your safety, your self esteem levels, and social levels.

To be fulfilled you have to satisfy your basic needs to live and then you have to satisfy your safety. You will need to feel secure in your career, in your relationships, and in your finances when it comes to safety.

You will need to work on your social needs once you feel completely secured. You will need to build relationships with your family, friends, and co-workers. You need to be able to belong to a place. You need to feel like you are wanted at work, at home, and then your social circle.

You will then need to work on your self esteem. Why do you feel the way that you do. You can reflect on the other stages once you have worked on your self esteem and become satisfied with you who are now.

Sometimes you are going to have repair the way you feel about the other stages, but once you have become content with you home, your personal life, social life, finances, etc, you have become content and that is what self actualization is.



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