Establish New Perceptions for a Better Attitude

When you establish new Perceptions about who you are, and what you want to achieve, you become more sensitive to your environment and to others.

Sympathetic and integrating your self-image is an influential way to conquer any fence to growth or change. Your “will” to unify and integrate your self-image and personality depends on the process of individuation. When you respect and trust yourself, you become fully responsible for your decisions and your life.

Your self image and personality depends on the process of individuation. Individuation is a process in which the person moves away from environmental support to self-support.

The person becomes self-sufficient, formative his or her own way, rather than depending exclusively on others for support. Individuated people are self-actualized and live in the present, accepting life for what it is, right now.

As an individuated person, you’re also influenced by your courage and willingness to change – the courage to accept yourself for who you are, and the willingness to change and become authentic and self-responsible. The process of individuation also helps you listen to your innermost needs.

It helps you to become totally self-accepting and recognize yourself as a person with certainty. This certainty, or strong belief you have about yourself, means that you count and exist as a unique part of the human race.

Once you commit yourself to higher achievement, you act and speak in a more similar way, and you’re encouraged to take more risks. When you make a commitment to achieve more financially, mentally, physically, emotionally, and or find personal meaning in your life, you become more enthusiastic. Your capability to concentrate also increases.

Becoming conscious of your authentic self-image facilitates a dynamic, creative process through which you affirm yourself and give new meaning to your relationships with others. Becoming aware of your authentic self-image awakens you to a new attitude.

Your new attitude and positive self-image promotes changes in your habitual, routine way of doing things. Creating empowering beliefs and behaviors redefines your self-image, encouraging you to take positive action.

As you become more self-determined, you become more motivated to contribute to the welfare of others. You recognize ability and like to be recognized for your ability.

Become conscious of your self-determination and self-confidence those are always available within you. These qualities increase your ability to communicate more effectively and build relationships based on a concern for the growth, protection, and welfare of others.

Awaken the happiness and joy that exist within you. Developing self-reliance and self-confidence, your success self-image consists of healthy feelings and behaviors needed to achieve your desires.

While actively and assertively helping others, is the mark of a truly courageous person. Empowering beliefs and actions will keep you on the road to continual self improvement.



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