Botox To Make You Happier!

No it’s not because it will make you look better but Botox may make you happier – research has shown that Botox may stop you frowning and hence make you happier!

botoxHow it works is like this – when injected with Botox, the facial muscles are paralyzed (since Botox is such a strong toxin).

This then reduces the movement of the facial muscles and prevents frowning. This causes the brain to reduce the intensity of the feeling of sadness or unhappiness being experienced.

Supposedly, if you are not frowning (or as in the case of Botox are unable to frown) the brain may feel that things are not so bad; that there is less to frown about!

This is what is claimed by the study conducted by the US Association for Psychological Science, according to whom any paralysis that impacts the body’s ability for natural movement will also impact emotion. It is their view that the old adage of “smile and the whole world smiles with you” is a true one, and that if you’re not frowning, you will be happier!

Botox is a procedure that has become increasingly common among celebrities – one that betrays itself due to a typical shiny forehead and “startled rabbit look” – even though it is vigorously denied by many.



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