Allow Yourself To Be Successful!

Can you actually realistically imagine yourself as a successful, satisfied, fulfilled person? Take a look at your conviction system and see if you are holding yourself back by not believing sufficiently in the possibility of prosperity.

Can you really open your eyes to the goodness and beauty and profusion that are all around you? Can you imagine this world transformed into a flourishing and helpful environment in which everyone can flourish?

The world is a good place to be and can potentially work for everyone, you will experience difficulty in creating what you want in your personal life. This is because human nature basically loves, and so most of us will not allow ourselves to have what we want as long as we believe that we might be depriving others in order to do so.

To create prosperity, we need to visualize ourselves living as we desire to live, doing what we love, feeling satisfied with what we attain, in a context of other people doing the same.

We have to understand in a profound way that having what we truly want in life contributes to the general state of human happiness and supports others in creating more happiness for them.

4 Ways to Help Keep Your Life on the Right Track

  • Keep your promises. When you keep your promises and perform your best on the simple things, you are predictably satisfied with better jobs and better opportunities. If your word is no good, then ultimately you’re no good. You have to be reliable so that people trust you.
  • You got the provisions or services, when you pay your bills. And you are obliged money for them, so you pay for them.
  • Mind your own business. And when you’re doing a good job, you can handle your own business. When you line your own boat, you don’t have time to mind other people’s business.
  • Abide-by the laws. Laws aren’t made to cramp your style; they’re intended to enable you and everyone else to live and operate freely and safely in a society that offers enormous rewards.

Success Starts From Within

The major question on the minds of the motivated is: “How can I discover my life purpose and make a difference in the world?” When you hear this question you know it usually means two things.

First, the person asking the question is probably unhappy with his or her current circumstances. Second, their soul, the very essence of who they are, yearns to be expressed in their life more fully.

We all want to make a difference in the world. We want to know that our lives matter, that our presence on Earth has meaning and purpose. Each one of us has a heavenly assignment – an important mission to fulfill. This assignment consists of two parts.

First, you must make your personal and spiritual development a top priority by following your own unique path toward healing and growth. Second, as you develop a strong character by doing this work, you are also charged with improving the world in some way.

As you focus on strengthening your integrity and character you make your greatest contribution to humanity. There is a reason why your personal work comes first. When you make an aware commitment to your own inner development, you take a huge step toward making a greater contribution to others.

Though it seems at first fleeting look to be selfish to focus on your own life, when you realize that we are all connected by a greater power at work in the world, you begin to understand how fulfilling your individual assignment directly benefits others.

Possibilities Exist For Everyone

Possibilities, in fact, are not only ever-present, but essential. They are as necessary for the life of the mind as oxygen is for the life of the body.

Possibilities exist for all of us, even for those of us who are blessed the least, and even for those of us (and maybe this is you) who are backed into a corner. The false perception of having no possibilities feels like jail.

It creates a sensation of helplessness that is deadly to the mind and spirit. But possibilities, once they are recognized, help wipe out these deadly feelings and offer us the chance to choose. And it is choice ultimately, that creates our identities. Choice, and only choice, is what makes each person unique.

Even though possibilities always exist, we lose sight of them when we are blinded by fear. This fear usually starts when we fail once too often, or when we are dissatisfied too many times by the people around us. When this happens, our problem-solving creativity shrivels. We become purely reactive, instead of proactive. Problems become prisons.

Choice is power. It charts the course of our lives. It makes us happy. Freedom from these self-imposed prisons comes only when we suspend fear by evoking appreciation, envisioning all of our remaining possibilities, and then choosing one.



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