A Winning Attitude: Empower Your Dreams by Using Affirmations

A winning attitude repeatedly takes work to develop. A significant part of this work involves forming positive statements about you; such statements are repeatedly developing your work. Over time, as we hear such statements repeatedly, we develop beliefs about ourselves, and begin to organize them into a faith system.

As a baby, you happily went about doing whatever babies do like moving, tasting, exploring, and learning. Without thoughts about you what you could or couldn’t do, so you tried many things. Instantly, children certainly interfere, giving you messages like “Good boy!” “What a bright girl!” “No, no – that is bad.” We accepted these statements obediently. If you were repeatedly praised as a bright child, you began to believe you were a bright child. You probably still think of yourself as a bright child, unless at some point that belief was challenged and you deliberately reevaluated it.

In the procedure of living in that basis, your experience of yourself as bright broadened and took root. Various experiences strengthen them and we begin to adapt our behavior to conform to them. Soon there was no longer any question about it in your mind. Your young mind worked overtime, coming up with new ways to show how bright you were, and to bring out further praise.

In fact, to live our dream fully, a new belief system that enables us to be our best is a necessity. Our old beliefs got us this far; new ones will take us into the future of our dream.

This is the way beliefs are formed and assimilated. As a child, it was a rather random experience – our beliefs about ourselves depended to a great scope on circumstances and the beliefs of others close to us. As adults, however, we have the power to create beliefs of our own choice. We can replace negative, restrictive beliefs about ourselves with freshly select alternatives. We can get purge of beliefs that don’t support us.

So begin by taking a closer look at the way affirmations are formed. An affirmation is a firm, positive sentence designed to express a message from your conscious to your subconscious mind. To adopt new beliefs, we can now systematically choose affirming statements, and then consciously live in them. They will become increasingly true, until we are certain that that’s who we are. It asserts something you know is true, even though it may not have manifested in your life yet. When the subconscious mind receives this message, it goes to work on a subconscious level to align with it and bring it about.

An effective affirmation must always be in first person (I), and the present tense, and must be stated positively, not negatively. So instead of, “I will not catch a cold and be sick tomorrow” (which would focus your mind on the idea of sickness), you could say: “I am radiantly healthy now. My body feels wonderful! I see myself performing beautifully in my dance recital.”

Colorful image comes from the positive thought only. So you have to replace the negative thought with a positive thought. Ever since the mind can only hold one thought at a time, the thought of sickness is gone, and your subliminal mind has grabbed hold of the healthy idea and has swing into action creating health.



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