A Powerful Tool for Success: Conditional Acceptance

The main dominant tools of reinforcing human beings are Love, acceptance, and approval. Human being can have experience in love, acceptance, and approval tools.

When an individual has an attitude of partial approval or partial acceptance of others, we can develop the attitude of conditional acceptance.

To speak with others the attitude of conditional acceptance creates healthy resistance. Statements such as, “I’ll accept you when…,” create fear, hurt, anger, and distrust. When you join irrational conditions within a connection, your opportunities for achievement and enjoyment can reduce.

Conditional acceptance hinders your self-confidence and creates resistance toward growth and change. Conditional acceptance breeds suspect, fear, and refusal. This condition also creates harmful self-talk, decreasing self admiration and producing non-harmonious dealings.

If I allow myself to be partially accepted as a person, or accept others only on a conditional basis, this reduces the trust and comfort needed to achieve effective communication.

When you go to a restaurant and order a full-course dinner are you satisfied with a partial meal when you ordered a entire dinner? Of course not settling for being partially accepted as a person is not enough because it doesn’t provide sufficient emotional and physical sustenance.

When you guess more of yourself you’ll get more! When you communicate through a negative self-image your message lacks self-confidence and determination. Start accepting and confirming yourself as a total physical , emotional , mental , and spiritual person. Start behaving and believing that you are single, a “crown of formation.”

What about the person’s other qualities, such as being conscientious, competent, forgiving, judicious, noble, cooperative, genuine, honest, faithful, persistent, sensitive, spirited, straight-forward, well-adjusted, thoughtful – to only mention a few? When you’re not appreciated as a whole human being, you become discouraged and your self esteem and confidence suffer.

You don’t have to settle for being accepted as a partial person. There’s no need to place a limit on the amount of love and energy you give or receive. How often have you heard the statement, “he/She has a great body?” Don’t let anyone reduce you to a bunch of parts – skin, nails, hair, arms, or legs

Taking risks is not a high precedence for the person who experiences conditional acceptance. When the person is disheartened and discouraged they may say, Overcoming resistance is difficult when one is discouraged and demodulated. “Why trouble myself with anything? With my luck I was bound to fail.

I’m not getting anywhere.” These statements are symbols of nuisance and hopefulness. Unconditional acceptance creates encouragement, warmness, and understanding in relationships. Resistance to growth is eliminated when one is unconditionally accepted. Conditional acceptance creates discouragement and resistance toward change and growth.

Daily Motivation: Ideas that You Can Use today for success

Successful people do not spend a lot of time sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, for someone else to come and pump them up, or for the needed inspiration to carry on. Neither do they pretend they require no motivators and no support. They take charge, in this area as in others, of anticipating and providing for their own needs.

There are many techniques for encouraging yourself. Following are some other ways people have chosen to build more motivators into their everyday lives:

  1. Exercise daily.
  2. Put up notes around the house to remind yourself to put first things (your dream) first.
  3. Treat yourself to more walks on the beach.
  4. Set aside time each day just for your personal thoughts.
  5. Play motivational tapes while driving.
  6. Meditate daily.
  7. Buy yourself flowers.
  8. Plan mini-vacations to reward small milestones.

Building motivators into your life is a powerful way of assuring that your dream will receive the ongoing nourishment it needs, especially when the going gets hard, or you are under pressure or stress.



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