10 Traits Of A Successful Human Being

There’s a lot of talk about what you should do to become successful, but it’s more about who you are that makes the biggest impact.

It’s the decisions we make on a daily basis, the habits we naturally form in our lives that determine the level of success we can achieve. Who we are determines how we react to life, even when we’re not consciously in the act of ‘being successful’.

So here are 10 traits that are essential for obtaining lasting success in any endeavor.

1. An Independent Nature

If we rely too much on those around us for assistance and/or support we will be setting ourselves up for disappointment in the future.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t look to others for help when the time is right, but crafting our pursuits in such a way that requires the intervention of another is like handing over the keys and getting in the back seat.

Our friends and colleagues may help open the doors of opportunity, but it is our own responsibility to take the wheel.

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