10 Effective Ways to Be Happy

From weather to size of your bank balance, happiness is always ephemeral that cannot reach to permanent state. However there are few ways to bring happiness to your life.

Ways to Be Happy

1. Get better sleep: For staying healthy and happy, good sleep is very essential for every one. So, ensure that you get sound 8 hours sleep every night.

2. Laugh out loud: You can raise the levels of endorphins, hormones responsible to induce pleasure and happiness in your body and decrease the production of stress hormones by just anticipating funny and happiest moments in your life.

3. De-clutter your living space: It is just merely impossible to stay clam and get better relaxation or to meditate when surface of your room is covered with papers, magazine and other unnecessary things.

4. Practice mindfulness: Instead of worrying about the future problems, try to live in the moment and enjoy it to the full extent.

5. Learn to say NO: When you feel that you won’t be happy if you do certain things don’t force yourself to do those that you don’t actually enjoy.

6. Take a walk in the garden: The fresh air of trees in a pleasant garden not only reduces stress, but also brings you a feeling of well being and happiness.

7. Hum with the music you like: If you are music lover, then nothing would give you much better feeling than listening to your favorite tracks and humming along with it.

8. Help others: When you are depressed don’t just shut yourself in a room, rather go out and help others those who are in need.

Helping others certainly enables you to put your problems into perspective and improves social interaction.

9. Give preference to your close relationships: Positive and healthy relationships are best antidotes for stress. It has been proved that people who have lot of supportive and positive friends are much likely to have healthy life and less problems.

10. Take a vacation: Give a break to your hectic busy life and go out to pleasant place for a vacation.



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