Your Heart Can Break – Really!

It has an actual, real name as well: The Broken Heart Syndrome! The sort of emotional stress that one can undergo due to stressful situations such as the end of a relationship, a job termination, or bereavement can actually break your heart, according to the European Heart Journal.

Whereas the term “died from a broker heart” was one we read only in Victorian novels, we now know that there is a physio-pathological mechanism of this disease.

chest painThis condition is characterized by a temporary heart problem or enlargement which owes itself to the stressful situation rather than the usual problems such as deterioration of the heart and arteries, diabetes, build up of cholesterol, alcoholism, embolism etc.

This heart enlargement or cardiomyopathy is caused by an increase in stress hormones.

This condition can also mimic the symptoms of a heart attack: one may experience chest pain, shortness of breath etc; even the ECG may indicate a heart attack!

Sudden stress or grief causes a lot of catecholamines (epinephrine and norepinephrine) to be produced, which is what ‘stuns’ the heart.

Though this is not likely to kill a person, it is a sobering reminder of how acutely a significant life event can impact a person and how necessary it is to seek help in dealing with it.

Source: Yahoo News



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