Women More Susceptible To Body Distortion, Stress

As men are more at risk from certain conditions, so are women more at risk for certain others.

For instance, compared to men, women are twice as vulnerable to stress because there is a biological reason for this according to recent research. Women are more sensitive to a hormone that is produced at times of stress and anxiety and are therefore more prone to stress disorders and depression than men.

This recent study carried out on rats could explain why more women than men are seen to have anxiety problems, post traumatic stress disorder, and clinical depression.

As for standing before a mirror and thinking, “I am fat”, this seems to be a particularly female preoccupation.

Body distortion, which causes women to see themselves as being up to thirds wider than they really are, may go a long way to explaining eating disorders and the reason why even slim women see themselves as ‘fat’.

According to researchers, there is a general bias among women to view themselves as ‘wider’ than they really are, which explains the prevalence of psychiatric disorders such as anorexia etc.



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