Walking Away from Stress

Is it possible to walk away from stress? NO! It is never possible to walk away from stress entirely since stress will always knock at our doors. However, it is possible to manage stress and avoid stressors that cause stress.

Rushing is one of the leading causes of stress. When a person is rushing to get ahead more than likely he or she did not write a list of demands in question, or plan for the future. Most likely, the person failed to draw up a schedule that helps him or her deal with life on life’s demands. If you are trying to avoid stress and stressors, it makes sense to minimize your demands.

If you are handling more than your person allows then you are stressing your body and mind. It also makes sense to write a list of tasks, scheduling them one day at a time.

If you plan and include the everyday of the year, including all your tasks most likely you will fail. Life does not give us the option to plan tomorrow much less a year down the road.

If you think you know what tomorrow will bring, then you are setting your self up for failure. There are no guarantees in life and nor should we expect any guarantees. Therefore, when you write a list make sure you include the day’s tasks, starting with the most significant task first.

After you list is completed you can move ahead by knocking the tasks down one at a time. Live for today and not tomorrow and stress will knock on the next person’s door. Procrastination is another area of failure that leads to stress.

We can walk away from stress by stop putting off what we can do today. A person that procrastinates often makes excuses for his or her negligence; this will add more stress to a person’s life.

If you are constantly defending your person then you have no time to take care of your responsibilities, which creates additional problems, including alcoholism, drug abuse, mental health issues, and so forth.

As you can see, you already have existing stress since someone is expecting something of you. However, you have the power and control to eliminate additional stress by working hard to complete your tasks, standing firm to your responsibilities and taking it one day at a time.

Preparing, planning, decisions, and positive thinking

Student’s often are stressed while attending college. They often rush through a day to complete required tasks, or meet a class. If the student would slow down, take his or her time, and take care of the responsibilities the person would have a more productive life since stress would be minimal.

Preparing, planning, decisions, and thinking all play a part in how we deal with stress. We can prepare, plan, decide positively, and think constructively and walk away from a large amount of stress.

On the other hand, we could neglect planning, preparing, decisions, and thinking and run head on into the one of the well-known destroyers of human kind. That is right! Stress can be a destroyer if we allow it to control our minds.

If you are suffering stress daily and it is weighing you down your heart may fail you one day since you did not take the time to walk away from stress. If you watch the news and it depresses you, why bother?

You cannot change what has already happened, nor can you always prevent what will take place in life. Therefore, if the news bothers you, get your nose out of the tube and finish those tasks that are required of you.

Excessiveness will also cause stress. For example, if you are constantly working and avoiding all other needs in your life, then you are heading for stress on a major level. This not only affects the nerves, it also tortures the body and mind.

It is your decision, but if you want to walk away from stress to a degree then you have that choice. Once you learn how to prepare, plan, decide positively and think properly you will see stress visiting your neighbors instead of knocking on your door!



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