Top Myths Related to Stress Management

In our busy lives and our packed schedules, feeling stress is common and so is finding ways to manage it. Stress is prevalent not only just at the workplace but also at home and almost everywhere else. But in order to lead a calm and comfortable life, it is important to learn ways to manage it and keep it at bay.

While some of us are successful in coping with stress and managing it perfectly, others might still struggle a little bit. This could be a result of having misconceptions related to stress management. There are many common myths associated with the management of stress and the following are a few of the top ones:

myths related to stress managementI Don’t Need Sleep to Manage Stress

Most adults in the world don’t get as much as sleep as they must either due to busy study schedules or due to erratic work hours. Whatever the reason be, a lot of us are sleep deprived but still not ready to believe that getting enough sleep is actually a great way to manage stress. This is the number one myth associated with stress management. But the truth is that even one night falling short of the ideal sleeping hours can make us irritable.  Thus, one must get a scheduled sleep of atleast 7 hours a day.

A Few Drinks can Help Me De-Stress

Another common myth associated with stress management is that a few drinks can help one de-stress and forget all the worries. In reality, alcohol actually stimulates the release of the stress hormone called cortisol and hence causes even more stress.  Infact, stress dampens the effect of alcohol and works against it. Thus, the next time you think of having a drink to manage stress, do think twice.

I Don’t have any Symptoms of Stress, thus I Don’t Need to Manage it

Stress can lead to weight gain and insomnia but this doesn’t mean that if you don’t have any symptoms of stress, you don’t need to manage it.  Chronic stress may not show these regular symptoms but can in turn lead to many other negative health outcomes such as cancer and heart diseases.

There is no Need to Manage Stress as Stress is Everywhere

Another common myth associated with stress management is the fact that most people think that stress doesn’t need to be managed because it is everywhere anyway. They think that there is no escape from stress and hence there is no such thing as stress management.

Only the Major Symptoms of Stress Require Stress Management

Another popular myth which everyone must debunk is that only the major or big symptoms of stress require its management and small symptoms like headaches etc. do not require any management.  No symptom of stress is minor and even stomach acid etc. must not be taken lightly or ignored.  If you wait for the big symptoms to show, then it already might be a little too late for it.


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