8 Stress Busting Tips for Teachers and Educators

Of all the jobs in the world, the profession of teaching is one which is associated with a lot of stress and tensions.  One day at school can seem like a marathon and may build up a lot of stress in a teacher’s life. Studying for classes, teaching right, taking criticism, dealing with staffroom politics and pressure of great results can take a toll on any educator, whether it is a school teacher or a University lecturer.  So how to deal with this stress and cope with it? Well the following are the 8 stress busting tips for teachers:

tips for teachers and educators

  1. Stress for teachers is mostly due to the workload they have to deal with every day. Break down whatever tasks that you have at hand into smaller tasks and then try to accomplish them one by one.  Make sure you tackle the biggest of tasks first so that much of your tension reduces early one.
  2. Think of teaching as a fun profession and remind yourself of the passion that you have for teaching. This will reduce a lot of worries and would reduce a large chunk of stress.
  3. Talk to the people who may be giving you a hard time at work. Speak to the teachers who have upset you or bothered you in any way. This will help you deal with a stress much better.
  4. It is common for students to take dig at teachers. Do not take any of this personally and be breezy about it. Do not show your discomfort to the students and try to be friendly with them.
  5. Staying in touch with nature will also help you to reduce some of your teaching related stress.  For this, you can take a class in outdoors or make it a point to incorporate nature walks in your schedule every once in a while.
  6. Take out time from your schedule for your hobbies or interests. Go back home and make it a point to indulge yourself in recreational activities.
  7. Listen to soothing music whenever it is possible for you. You can do this on your way to school/college or while coming back. Music helps release the tension and leaves you stress free.
  8. If possible, take out a few minutes every morning to meditate or do yoga. Meditation is the best possible cure for stress and is great for those in the profession of teaching.


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