Stress Management Medications

Some of us may require medications to relieve stress. However, scientists have recently discovered that some medications cause stress.

Effexor XR

Effexor XR is prescribed to patients that suffer depression. The patient also has a basic diagnose and is prone to breaking when stressors trigger stress. Effexor XR is also a medication that treats Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders [OCD] that often have elevated degree of stress levels.

This medication may work, but a patient may endure suicidal tendencies, thoughts, homicidal tendencies, thoughts, and so forth, if all of a sudden he or she stops the prescription.

As you can see, the medication can cause stress since it opens a possibility to danger. The stress may be obvious in the patient, but for the people the patient’s life touches is at risk of elevated levels of stress. Medications then can cause us all stress in a way since it causes more trouble for our futures.


Neurotin is another drug used to treat epileptic seizures, but has been used to treat patients with Bipolar, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and other stress related diagnoses.

As Neurotin has been linked to suicide, it is currently under investigation. It has also caused homicidal thinking. Now we have so-called experts providing patients with stress management solutions that claim to make a person deal with stress.

What we can look at is a failure in the stress management methods that the so-called experts are providing. Stress management is designed to help us cope with problems, search our minds to find answers to our problems, and prepare us to deal with stressors and stress efficiently.

Therefore you better be questioning the mental health experts of medical experts when medication is involved when you are suffering stress at intolerable levels.

Of course, you should never take their word; instead research the marketplace to find out more information about the medications offered to you before agreeing to take the prescription.

You have a option and your option includes bringing to attention the debacles that the so-called stress management pills bring. Stress management is eliminating problems not adding to them. We have a real problem when the experts are prescribing medications that is affecting the entire system.

These same people tell us that alcohol and drugs is an increase to stress and only generates additional problems, but the hypocrites before they attempt to pluck a needle from someone else’s eyes need to pluck the needle from their own eyes.

They may be a logical explanation that can be eliminated quickly if you are suffering stress. Do not presume that you are crazy and head off to a mental health expert until you learn more about your symptoms.

Stress is common and we all deal with stress every day. Stress is an influence that restrains the mind from attaining. Stress can cause tension, anxiety, tension to the muscles, cluttering of the mind, knotting of the stomach, and tension to the heart and chest area.

You might have a medical problem or else a mental ailment if your symptoms last more than a few days or week. Be wise and get a physical to get rid of medical before you go to the mental health experts.


Not all medications are bad. In fact, Zoloft is great for treating patients with anxiety and depression and is known to have little side affects. It is significant to learn your stressors since this can help reduce your stress.

Healthy eating, exercise, avoiding chemicals and substances that cause harm and increase stress, and setting up a reliable routine for survival has proven worthy of relieving stress.

We all want to learn how to avoid stress rather than adhere to the causes in life that increases our stress level. Obviously, some medications cause stress to the point of death.



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