Stress In The Workplace

For most adults, work is a matter of necessity. We need our jobs to provide housing, clothing, food, and other daily necessities that require money. While we’d all love for our jobs to be low or no stress, the reality is that it’s not often a possibility.

Some work fields are more prone to work-related stress. These stresses could be induced by any number of causes. Some of the most stressful jobs are often those that involve high risk, typically putting your life or someone else’s life into harm’s way. Other factors also play a role, including travel, excessive hours, demanding expectations, environmental conditions, and peer relations. conducts an annual test using 11 stress factors to determine which jobs are most stressful. Some jobs have made the list for several years.


Military positions are often found to be the most stressful of all careers. These professionals encounter strenuous situations on a daily basis. Particularly during times of combat, service people in military or non-military zones find themselves in life risking situations. They are often pulled away from family and loved ones and placed into an unfamiliar situation. Contractual obligations may put service people into stressful situations longer than what is healthy for that particular individual.

Stress in working place

First Responders

‘First responders’ encompasses many careers including police, firefighters, and ambulance staff. These individuals are often exposed to traumatic experiences caused by violence or accidents. Because of this particular form of traumatic experience, some rehabilitation facilities like Morningside Recovery have developed wellness programs specially designed to their type of stress.

Corporate Executives

Office environments can be very stressful, however the high level corporate executives often deal with the majority of the stress. These individuals are often putting in large amounts of time, which often pulls them from family. The job may require somewhat constant travel as well. Often the leading cause of stress is the responsibility of keeping their staff employed and operating smoothly.

Airline Pilot

Airline pilots often make several flights in a single day touching down in cities all across the country and world. The travel often pulls them away from family and leads to isolation from intimate relationships. The pilot is responsible for ensuring each person on the plane makes it safely to their destination, which has become more stressful as news of hijackings and safety malfunctions occur.

Taxi Driver

The competitive nature of taxi driving is surprisingly not one of the leading factors of stress. Instead, the causes are often formed by traffic, long hours, low pay, and crime. These drivers encounter all kinds of situations on a regular basis that can induce high levels of stress.

Many individuals encounter workplace stress on a regular basis. This stress can lead to depression and even post-traumatic stress disorder. According to Morningside Recovery, these disorders may be accompanied by addiction, resulting in a dual-diagnosis treatment. This allows the individual to be treated for the stress as well as substance abuse.

Not everyone who is employed in a high stress career will face depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. Everyone handles stress differently and some people even seek high stress careers due to their exciting environments. However, if someone is experiencing large amounts of stress they should seek outside help.



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