Stress Coping Skills

Stress is a normal part of life and we all must deal with stress in our own way. Stress occurs when we have assessed every detail of our condition and find that we do not have obtainable answers to solve our problems.

We often panic reacting to the stressors, when answers are unavailable to us. Each of us has our own degree of coping skills and we see things in a different light. What may work for one individual may not work for another.

Therefore, we have to examine our self to understand which stress management scheme is right for us. Some of us may view a promotion as stressful circumstances and may react negatively to the attainment, while others may take the promotion and run.

An Example

For instance, when higher demands are placed on a person, he or she may react stressfully. If the person is accustomed to sitting back and observing and the promotion requires the person to use a higher degree of skills then this may pose a threat to the individual.

It all depends on how we understand life’s stressors, stress to determine what we as an individual can take, and how we view stress. We might understand that attainment is a part of everyday life if we all looked at promotion in the same light and when we attain the expectations increase.

The promotion would not be a threat rather it would be a challenge if we were prepared for higher demands. Let us review threats and challenges to grasp hold of a positive influence that can help us cope with stress and understand stressors.


Threats are either exaggerated or real. It is an expression of meaning to exact wickedness, harm, damage, and even death. Our mind warns us that danger is potential in front of us when we are threatened.


Challenges are a form of positive threats in certain circumstances. Challenges are a demand, dispute or even a dare. When a business promotes us, they are sort of daring us to meet an expectation.

This is why one person may feel threatened because this person is obviously conscious of what the promotion entails. The person that takes the challenge and run with it may believe the promotion is a competition and he or she must finish the race.

On the other hand, challenges are threatening since when a court summons us to attend a court meeting then our being is at stake to a degree. This means that the challenge is a test against our physiological activity and we are at risk of being exposed.

If you can see, we can make a better judgment when decisions are needed by understanding challenges and threats. The summons should not pose a threat, if you have done nothing wrong with the legal system.

Conversely, if you have lied to your self and the system your stress level is subject to become irresistible. Now we are assuming the person that is threatened by the promotion may not understand challenges and what it means to them.

The person may have lied claiming they were skillful to handle any task demand of them. Conversely, the person may lack self-confidence, believing failure is in front of them. We need to find a stress management solution that works best for this person. We need to focus on behavior, thinking, negative, emotions, and abilities.

We can help this person by pointing out his or her incapability to manage stress successfully. Is there something in your behavior patterns that causes you to step back when attainments come your way?

Is there something in your past that is hindering you? Why are you viewing the promotion as a negative challenge? Do you understand what this challenge means to you?



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