Stress Can Result In Confusion

Stress ManagementWhen a person is besieged, with stress, it frequently causes confusion and it becomes more difficult to make good decisions.

Stress triggers a series of emotions, including worry, anxiety, confusion, feeling a lack of protection and support, and stress proves negative thinking.

When a person feels a lack of protection and support the person will frequently feel defeated and believes that they do not have the aptitude to act or react to a problem.

When a person is anxious, they will feel a sense of uneasiness because the mind is fretting over a fear that aggravated the stress.

Confusion brings forth its own problems, since a person confused often has difficulty sorting through their thoughts, emotions and the have difficulty understanding others when they are speaking.

When a person thinks negative, it often brings forth additional problems, since decisions are often initiated by negative emotions. This is a marking of denial and a refusal to look at all angles of a problem.

When a person is negative it often leads to added stress, since negative brings forth withdrawal, procrastination, hostility, inability to agree, and represses a persons ability to use their creative side.

If a person does not use the creative side of the brain then he or she will have difficulty solving problems. As we can see, stress has many fundamentals that surround its function; therefore, understanding the entirety of stress can eliminate confusion.

Negative can be analyzed carefully, since it can benefit us in many areas of life. For example, scientist are negative-positive in that they hinder the process of learning or performing linking it to a situation in question by postponing the information in response to other evidence.

In other words, a scientist will argue points until a fact is proven. This is positive negative thinking also known as negative transfer. When a person is thinking negative thoughts in a series of patterns, a harmful act leads to stress.

Stress then is a constraining act that causes a tug-a-war in the mind. One thought pushes against the other thought, pulling the thoughts in a separate direction. When the mind is boggled down with push-pull thinking, it often causes a person to feel confused.

What it takes to unboggle the mind is to sit down, take a few deep breaths and collect your thoughts. Understand that your emotions are part of your thinking process and the emotions control anger, sadness, joy, happy and so forth.

If you are stressed then your emotions is taking the lead and controlling your life. Therefore, you must collect your thoughts to find the answer to your problems. Problems come in all sizes. Some of us have more problems than others do.

Reviews: how you handled the problems in your past

When you think life is getting you down, then look back over the years and review how you handled all the problems in your past. You will see that you overcome many obstacles and made decisions through the procedure.

If you see that, you made a bad decision in your past then use it to your advantage instead of using it against your self. Thinking positive brings forth rewards.

I always tell myself everyday that something good will come my way because I put forth the efforts to make it happen. Instead of allowing stress to interrupt, my life when good fails, instead I move forward and patiently wait for the good to come my way the next day.

This may continue, but I promise you with this in mind good will knock on your door as long as you put forth the effort. If you are sitting around waiting for things to happen you are wasting your life and inviting stress to take control. If you have, problems do something about it.

For example, you can review the options in your mind to see what could benefit you. If you are besieged with work then take some time off for your self to get it together and think about what you can do to abolish overloads.

Life is too stitch complicated as it is to sit around allowing stress to rule your mind and body. Remember stress causes confusion and confusion leads to disorder.



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