Stress Calls For Behavior Adjustments

Stress ManagementSometimes when we are not capable to handle with common stresses our behaviors may need attuned.

Behaviors are how we act in life and what we think or believe is wrong or right.

If you have practiced behaviors, it is frequently a habit that may need adjustment, since wrong behavior patterns boost stress.

If you have behaviors that are contributing to your stress and your aware is alert to the behaviors then you are fine, however, if you subliminal is holding the behavior patterns captive then you have a problem.

Awareness provides us the capacity to perceive what is in front of us, apprehend the information, and noticing all things in our environment with a quantifiable control of thoughts and observation.

Subliminal on the other hand is information in the back of the mind unavailable to the aware. Now if you are wondering why it is necessary to define subliminal and awareness to understand stress and cannot see the answer already then I will inform you.

When we have problems and it causes stress, the answers are often obscured in our mind. We may search our aware mind to review the problems and pull up resources that can help us solve the problems.

Sometimes, however the aware may not reveal the resource that can lead us to success, therefore we must understand how to root up the resources from the subliminal mind.

We can think about for hours in searching for answers, but if the subliminal has control of your mind then you may never find an answer to your problems. To learn the subliminal you must carry on education and learning all there is to know about survival, basic needs, human nature, and so forth.

Subliminal mind: review the problems and solutions

When we are learning we are processing information and it goes into our minds either in the subliminal or aware mind. The information is stored there enduringly until we are ready to call it up.

Like to a computer the mind stores information (data) in an area of the brain (hard drive) and stores it in the appropriate areas (files) until the mind is ready to react or act (open file or searching files).

Once we are ready to call the information up we might find that it is not surfacing and become aggravated, since the information is required immediately to help us deal with a problem. Stress and stressors

We can see aggravation is the stress and that the incapability to find what we want is the stressor. Therefore, we take further action and attempt to activate the mind, by thinking harder, or else re-reading information pertaining to the subject.

This sets us up for triggers and when the mind is hit by that trigger…BAM…you have your information. It does not always happen like this, since we are all different, however most of us bring upon you this action or process.

Now we have an idea how to contact the subliminal mind and aware mind. We can see that all information, including practiced behaviors is stored either in the aware or subliminal mind.

Now if we have a behavior that has been practiced continuing then we know we have to search both the aware and subliminal mind to review the problems, the solutions, and pull up our resources to change the pattern that causes us stress.

Stress help sometimes

When stress is ongoing and we lack aptitude to cope then we might need behavior adjustments to continue a productive life.

Of course, when it comes to behavior issues we need the willingness to change, the aptitude to accept we have a problem and the ambition to do something about it.

Stress is a good thing sometimes, since stress can help us to see ahead, finding solutions to our problems. On the other hand, when stress is out of control it can harm us in many ways.

Do not subject your self to harm, avoiding heart attacks, strokes, disease and other health problems, rather search that mind and see if your behaviors are causing the ongoing problems and change those faulty behavior patterns.

If stress calls for behavior adjustments then by all means get to work, since you do not want stress to rule your life.



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