Reading: The Pleasurable Escape From Stress

Stress ManagementReading can take us to exotic lands, with crumbly white beaches and clear blue skies.

It can take us back in time, even to primitive days – or forward to the Big Brother world of the 25th century.

It can fill our eyes with tears or make us state amusement aloud.

Reading opens a window to the world; giving us a dream of things we never dreamed possible.

But, although you might not realize it, reading can also reduce your stress level.

For one thing, reading can help with problem solving, which, in and of itself, can relieve stress. Reading is also one of the greats ways of self improvement (Self improvement with Reading). Say you are overweight, and that is contributing to your stress.

It seems that the more weight you gain, the more stressed out you become, and the more you eat.

By reading books about good sustenance, you can learn to plan meals that are low-cal and low fat. As a result, your weight problem might disappear and your stress level will be greatly improved.

Reading can also be relaxing. When you wind up with a good book, you put the rest of the world at cove. You take time out to travel to distant worlds, to learn about different time periods, and to expose yourself to out-of-this-world philosophies.

You are basically taking a vacation of the mind – but one that can be relatively cost-free, especially if you live near a library. Reading can be a source of great hope, which can also help to relieve your stress.

All through biographies, you can read about well-known people and learn how they overcame their struggles. These stories of victory might motivate you to seek ways to overcome the challenges in your own life.

Inspirational books can send your spirit soaring, enabling you to accomplish things you never dreamed possible. Of course, there are instances when reading can raise your stress level.

For example, if you are studying for a test, or reading about tragedies in your local newspaper, you might find your stress level skyrocketing. That is why it is important to be choosy when it comes to your reading material.

If you’re feeling stressed, pick up a book that will relax you perhaps a travel book, a cookbook, or a book of poetry. Resist the urge to read something that could simply make you feel more disturbed.

Reading books: increase your concentration

Self-help books are particularly effective in helping to reduce stress. They allow you to explore your feelings and the triggers that lead to stress.

And they recommend such techniques as listening to soothing music, playing a musical instrument, playing cards, or engaging in deep breathing in order to deal with stressful situations.

Or you might buy a book to learn about a hobby that can further reduce your stress. Perhaps it’s woodworking, needlepoint or crochet. It may be origami, lettering, or stenciling.

You can learn how to refinish furniture, paint, refurbish your kitchen, or redecorate your bathroom. You can either build upon a skill you already have, or learn a new one from scrape.

It has been shown that reading novels can relieve depression, so it should come as no surprise that such an activity can also reduce your stress. When you read a novel, you travel to a distant place, figuratively speaking.

This allows you to use your imagination freely as you try to picture characters and settings. It’s a wonderful escape from the pressures of everyday living, and can allow you to return to your life feeling more refreshed.

Reading also forces you to concentrate, concentration, which might be otherwise lost due to stress. As a result, you learn to exercise your mind, an exercise that can tolerate much fruit.

Thanks to your reading, you may notice you find it easier to remember things, which can, in turn, reduce your stress level.

If you find that you don’t like to read, you might start with graphic novels. These comedian book-like creations might appeal to you because of their interesting pictures. Or you might simply start with silky magazines.

Finally, it doesn’t matter so much what you read as how much you read. Read in the grocery line, at the depository, or while pedaling your motionless tandem. You’ll speedily find that the more you read, the more you will want to read, and the less stress you will feel.



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