Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic stress disorder patient endures a higher degree of stress than the average individual does . A survivor of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) will suffers run from stress, suffer panic attacks, avoid society and flashbacks so forth.

This person has a higher level of stress since Post Traumatic Stress Disorder provoked the attacks and caused the psychological break. I have nothing but sympathy for a person diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Coping Techniques

Coping Stress – Positive Thinking

Most of all, it is important to learn stress management techniques that teach you to think positive. The positive will outweigh the negative and help you to cope when stressors present them self to you.

Coping Stress – Disassociation

If you are overwhelmed with stress go visit a friend or take your mind into a wonderful place where you are safe from harm; this is a method known as disassociation.

This means you will disassociate your self from all your problems, people, and even yourself. Close you eyes after you found a relaxed situation and vision yourself in an imaginary land where everyone is loving, kind, and there is no stress allowed.

Have a few imaginary friends join you in a peaceful room and sit with them talking through your problems. Remember there is no fear of anyone hurting you so you have full control.

Another helpful coping stress method is learning to relax. Take a few moments out of each day and spend time with you.

Coping Stress – Avoid Extreme Stress

Avoid the problems that cause extreme stress by allowing the other person in the room to tell you how they are coping up with their problems. Let them share with you the many problems they face and role-play between scenes so that everyone can see a result.

Pretend that you are living in a perfect world, which is centered on you with no wars, violence, crimes, or natural disasters that can touch you. The only problems you have are everyday living, which includes family, job, friends, house, and so forth.

The world is moving appropriately. Now you will talk to your friends and help them to see where they are making faults and help them to find a solution to resolve their issues.

Remember, the matters are common, no violence allowed. After about a half hour, you should come to see a positive road to take to eliminate your problems. Repeat and declaim if necessary until you find relief.

This symbolic is not for everyone so find what works best for you. NOTE: Multiple Personality Disorder includes symptoms of disassociation, which is distinct from the common person.

There is no imaginary world involved since the person is living in a world where real tragedy occurred and dealing with it by using segments of behaviors. This type will use the entire brain, rather than the common usage of brain 25% or less.

There is nothing wrong with going into an imaginary land as long as you identify when you come out that the problems are real. Another helpful coping stress method for Post Traumatic stress disorder survivors are to workout regularly, a proper diet, eats stay consistent, and avoid areas was triggers are targeted.



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